Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bits and Bobs

I love that expression--so much more fun to say than "some stuff'"!  My quilty activities this week included sending off three things in the mail:

The blogaversary giveaway quilt got its plane ticket to Oz and is flying to Jasmine in Victoria, AUS, complete with its caramel binding and the patterns.  Jasmine is also celebrating her first blogaversary and has a giveaway of her own.  Find her beauty of a quilt here and tell her I sent you!
These Jewel Box blocks were sent off to New York to a member of the quiltbiddies--a Yahoo Group I belong to, for a swap she is hosting.  Can't wait to see what returns to me!  These were made from my scraps/stash, with the exception of the background.  White was the specified color and it is not one I usually have on hand as I tend to prefer cream or off-white.

Also sent off was the quilt for my nephew John, who turned 1 on March 3.  Hmm, this pic is not of the finished quilt.

Here it is!  My sister in law called me to say it was the cutest ever, she knew how much work went ito it, and it was perfect for his first birthday.  I'm pleased she liked it and hope it gets lots of love, dragging around, and washing!
This is a leftover pic from our Pismo weekend.  The first night our bed had towels formed into swans with their heads together, creating a heart.  This elephant greeted us the next afternoon.  So cute!

This pic is of our Granddog, Scully, wearing the flannel hoodie we bought in Pismo for him.  He tolerated it mostly, but it was too small and when he tried to walk he was stiff-legged, which looked hilarious.  He doesn't appear to be enjoying himself in this pic, does he?  Elaine loved the flannel and so I will be sending this back to the pet store and getting a larger size.

As of yesterday I no longer have any teenagers.  Erica turned 20 and we celebrated by going out to a Teppan style restaurant.  I haven't uploaded those photos yet so will share this one from Christmas (which I probably already posted, but Oh well!) with her brother.


I've been working on some pieced shamrocks for a St. Patrick's Day quilt, also from scraps and stash, with the addition of one of those remnants I bought a few weeks ago.  I'll show those when they are more put together.  Meanwhile, here is a link to another beauty of a shamrock quilt.  Inspired, anyone?


julieQ said...

Goegeous kiddos you have there!! Glad to see all your projects, they make my heart sing. What neat towel swans!

Diane H said...

Annie, love your little quilt in the header it really looks lovely!

Stephanie D. said...

Very colorful little bits and bobs! I love it all!

And no, Scully doesn't look particularly happy there! lol

jovaliquilts said...

Isn't it great to give a quilt away and know it is loved and appreciated? Happy post-teen parenting! Your kids look both happy and beautiful.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Good looking kids there Annie. They must have good genes and good looking parents!

Goodness! Judging by all those pictures you've been busy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog (and continuing to drop in) and for your lovely comment on my "Blog Surfing" Post. Too sweet !