Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A plan and some shamrocks

My older brother is turning 50 this year and asked me to make him a quilt.  Of course I agreed, since I made our other older brother a quilt in his 50th year too.  My brother Tyler is a traditional guy and requested traditional colors, nothing loud or girly.  He also mentioned he has a king sized bed.  I told him I am NOT making him a quilt that size, however, it can be a good sized throw.  I cast about for a simple, traditional pattern and decided on bowties, a la Finn.  I chose 6 1/2 blocks since I knew I wanted to have 50 bowties, each a different print--for me, scrappy is best!--and these are easy to cut from leftovers.  But what to do for the setting?  Hmm, pondering.  Graph paper and pencil came out.  I tried some of the more traditional settings, but in the end this plan appeared (ignore my poor picture taking skills, yet again)
I liked the asymmetrical setting but still ending up with 50 bow ties.  I thought the double four patch blocks added a bit of interest.  My original plan was to use background fabric throughout.  I made a mock up of the double four patch blocks and laid them out.

Ok, b-o-ring!  Some whites and creams should liven it up, scrappy again.

Yes, better.  But which way to lay them out?  That's where I need some input.  Should the lights be on the diagonal like this:

Or do they stand out too much and overpower the bowties?

Here the colored squares are on the diagonal.  It may take some further mockup to test this out, but I'd appreciate some chatter.

Shamrocks have been forming under my rotary cutter and sewing machine.  I made this one for me, to hang on a mini-quilt frame I won at a quilt show silent auction a couple of years ago.  It will be 12 inches square. 
Some of these fabrics I have had a long time in my stash.  The colors are brighter IRL. Haven't decided how to quilt it yet but it will be bound in the brighter green.  The stem pieces are vintage--the bias tape came from my mother-in-law's workbasket and is probably decades old! 
These three are for a giveaway at work:
Since this pic I've added the side sashing in the same cream with cornerstones in the top and bottom corners.  I'll probably do a stitch and turn as I did with the other wallhanging I made last month for Valentine's Day.  Next they'll be clamoring for a May basket!  Hmm, I love baskets... 


loulee said...

Your shamrocks look great.
I'm no help with the bow ties as I like both settings.

Libby said...

What a well thought out quilt - sure to be treasured *s* As for my two cents, I like the second layout with all the darks marching in like rows - but that's just me.

Quilt Hollow said...

Wow..awesome sis to make a quilt for her brother (well actually two brothers) Shamrocks are wonderful as well.

julieQ said...

I know your brother will love it, his quilt is a great design. Very cute shamrock quilt!

jovaliquilts said...

What a great idea for a quilt for your brother! Without seeing more laid out, it's hard to say, but I think if you make a diagonal with the whites, that's the very first place your eye will go. If you want attention drawn to that line, then that's great. Maybe you need to make more blocks before you know for sure?