Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shamrocks in bloom

Thursday night I stayed up late completing the shamrock office-raffle project.  I decided to make it a "real" quilt by binding it instead of doing a stitch and turn.  This was a no-extra-cost project, as I used leftover binding and strips, leftover batting, and stash/scraps. 
The colors are so much warmer in real life!  I took this in mid morning on my dining room table so maybe that accounts for the poor coloring. 

I love a pieced backing! 

A little closeup of the quilting.  I stitched around each block and the shamrock shape and stem.  I'm calling this a tabletopper since I did not put a hanger on it.  It was really fun to make--and hard to give away!  Especially since green is my favorite color.  My cubicle-mate won this and she promptly put it back up on the divider between our desks.  Congratulations, Yadi!

This is the one I made for myself--I finished it this afternoon and took photos.  The colors are much truer in these shots.

I told the story of the little stand here.  Now I have three things to hang on it.  The other is a pumpkin block for fall and I have a Christmas tree block I also have plans for.

I like how the white quilting looks kind of like lace on the back.

I had a lot of fun doing different free motion quilting in all the different sections. 
Okay, so that's ONE March goal crossed, how many days left in the month now?


Pokey said...

What a generous office gift, Annie! The clovers are neat, and you are right, the stitches on the back is a sweet, lacy look.

loulee said...

They look gorgeous. Surely as there are two mini quilts you have two finishes for March?

Notjustnat said...

Oh Annie, I love the shamrock table runner. I have been to Ireland and always wanted to make a quilt to reminds me of the place and if I can have your permission to make this one please? It's perfect use of my green scraps I brought back from Ireland. I love that cute stand too, I will ask DH to make one for me (hopefully).

Vivian said...

These are absolutely adorable little shamrock projects. Your variety of greens are perfect. I'm sure I'll have to copy your project exactly -- no time this year, but in time for St. Patrick's Day next year.
Someone at work is going to have a big smile, taking this charmer home.

belinda said...

This great Annie....well, at least you will still get to enjoy this since she is your office mate!! You did a cracker jack job on your quilting too!!
Hey...I love the bow tie quilt you are doing for your brother...that one is on my list for 'someday'!!

belinda said...

Oh....and yes....I like your new blog header!!!

Tanya said...

What a great shamrock quilt! I'd hate to give that up too if I'd made it. Good for you for making a block of your own.