Sunday, June 13, 2010

Plugging away at production

Another productive couple of days, though still not enough sewing to satisfy me!   Even if I am a little tired on weeknights and sick of sitting, which I do entirely too much of at both my jobs, there is enough getting up and down to iron and cut and trim that I find my "at least 15 minutes" of sewing per day stretches longer.  My Clue #1 pieces are nearly done for Judy's Mystery quilt.
The flying geese and pinwheel blocks are completed for two of the colors...
...and not yet completed for these, but close!  My goal is to cut for the rest of the Clue #2 after completing the pinwheel blocks.  I am liking my color choices so far.  The no waste method for flying geese is terrific  (click on the link for a downloadable pdf some smart person shared!).  I also completed two more flying geese borders for Erica's quilt, only one left to go and then I have to do the next part which is trimming the quilt top to 66 1/2" square before adding said border.  Scary!

Yesterday I took a trip to a local fabric store and found this blue print for an outer border to go with the Strawberry Fields patriotic top and I am thinking of using one of these two reds for a skinny inner border.  I like the darker red but may not have enough of it.  We'll see.

In the same shopping center I visited the Big Lots and found a lidded, divided organizing bin which I thought would be perfect for my fat quarters.  It is meant for CDs, DVDs, etc. 
I bought the larger size that is shown at the bottom of the instructions. It fit into a dresser drawer and you can see below where you could insert the plastic separators within the sections.  I think the sections can be switched to the other direction but I left them as is.
(Ignore my messy quick restuff of the fat quarters into the box)
I'm going back for a couple more of these boxes, which were $10 at Big Lots.  Another find was Waverly drapery panels for $15 apiece. 
I bought two of the panels for my sewing room window, ironed the first one, drug out the stepstool and hung it up, very pleased.  Then I ironed the second one, which seemed to go much quicker, and hung it up. 
Um, it went quicker because it was NOT 84" long like the package said, which I double checked afterwards.  So deflated that I spent the time to iron it! Good thing I was already planning to return to the store, I guess.  The last thing I bought was a flannel backed tablecloth so I can finally make myself a design wall.  I'm going to use those 3M hangers and the clip rings I just took off the rod.  


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Good Grief Annie, I'm exhausted looking at all this activity. Slow down will ya ? You're making me dizzy.

Of all those red fabrics I like the one with the scrolly bits. And I'm going to go looking for some of those divided bins when I finally get my proper sewing room back because that is an awesome idea...I'm currently stacking everything in a variety of baskets. (it's all class here )

Lorraine said... visit to the shop for so many goodies....shame about the curtain! like the divided bin for the fat quarters....I was thinking instead of buying more bins for mine I should start using them! Now there's a novel idea...LOLOL

Stephanie D. said...

Don't you hate it when you buy something new and then don't get to enjoy it? Good thing you had planned to go back. At least they're cute!

Quilter Kathy said...

The mystery blocks look great! I am almost ready for the next step, which I hope will be on Tuesday!

Vivian said...

Your fabric choices for the mystery quilt look great. I printed a copy of that method of making flying geese several years ago, and though I now have 2 or 3 other ways to make them, that remains my favorite.

I love finding cute, practical storage boxes and bins and things. The ones you found look perfect for FQs.
Shame on the drapery folks for that error in the packaging/labeling. No excuse for such a mistake.

Jo said...

Love your mystery fabrics...I am using LOTS of Cheddar. Clue three today-gotta get back to the machine.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Pinwheels ar efun. I have never done any mystery quilting.