Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry Fields Fumbling

The 1/2 yd cut of navy print I bought at my LQS turned out to have a surprise inside. 

This lovely scalloped border!  I got very excited about using this scallop in the corners of the quilt.  After cutting the larger setting triangles from the field of the print, I carefully cut the size squares I needed from the scallop for the corners.
Ooh, pretty! Let's see what the other corner looks like.

Bummer, it's going the other direction.  OK, let's rearrange.  Then I thought I would use the larger setting triangles with the scallop on the outer edges.  Dang!  Not enough fabric to cut six triangles--only enough for one side.  That won't look good.  Discard that idea.  Try as I might, the corners would not match and I did not like the horizontal/vertical distraction.  So I ended up using some of the larger flowered portion of the border to make my corners.  So disappointed that my great idea didn't pan out!
The corner pieces haven't been trimmed because I am still not sure about them. I may want to swap one of the big roses on the top to the bottom, opposite corner.  Or discard the idea entirely and cut the same as the zigzag.  Opinions, anyone?

 Otherwise I am pleased with the deep navy for the zigzag and the scrappy fun I've had with the red, white and blue blocks.  Lori is going to put up a Mr. Linky for all the quilt-alongers next Monday.  I'd like to call my top finished before then!


loulee said...

Well, I like the corners. I think you should leave them alone.
The whole thing looks very pretty.

Lorraine said...

Hi Annie.....I love the fabric but would probably use the zig zag fabric on the corners....just my two cents worth. Love the quilt!!

*karendianne. said...

Honestly my friend, I ABSO-FREAKIN'-LOOTLY love this setting. It's TOTE-A-LEE perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. I would NOT change a thing. This is vintage. It's making do with what you have.

OH MY GOD PLEASE BLESS ANNIE FOR HER CREATION and allow her peace of mine to LISTEN TO KNOW IT ALL GODDESSA BINX if it's at all possible for her spirit to love this. She might want to finish it and send it to Binxy then just make another. It's just a thought, God. Not trying to be pushy. Sounds pushy, ha? Oh. Okay. I'll be quiet. Forgive me but I do hope you can fall in love with this setting, Annie. I knwo this isn't about me but I can't contain myself. Sorry for exploding. Sometimes it's just hard being me.

Lori said...

You don't sound too sure of your decision. In my nsho I'd change it to match the others. But, if you are happy with it then leave it because that is what is the most important.
Sorry your cool scalloped corners didn't work out. What a fantastic fabric!!

Anonymous said...

if YOU like it than this is all that truly matters. :-) is perfect!!

Shay said...

I'm with the "I love the layout the way it is " brigade.

And I really really love the way this quilt is looking. Still.

What a bummer your scalloped corners idea didn't pan out. But it still looks GORGEOUS.

Joyful Quilter said...

I'm trying to find a nice name for my compulsion and can't, I would be shopping all the quilt shops online and in northern California trying to find more of the navy fabric ... I think the quilt will be adorable either way.

Abby and Stephanie said...

What a wonderful surprise the navy fabric turned out to be.