Monday, July 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday

On my design wall today is the start to the backing for Erica's quilt.  After some preliminary math and a bit of cutting and sewing--and a small mess up involving unsewing and recutting and sewing---the first initial was done.
Then, realizing I was going to have to square up a LOT more of the triangle squares, I took myself to Michael's with the "make your own sale" 50% off coupon and bought one of these rotating mats.
I wish I had bought one years ago--this thing is great!  I could layout and trim four pieces at a time, rotate the mat and cut the other two sides.  What an amazing time saver.  Kicking myself now for being cheap!  Also while I was out I had to hit the quilt shop for more of the background, being short just inches of the final piece I needed. Not that it's a hardship for me to go to my LQS...anyway, back home more cutting and arranging took place and by the end of the day I had the initials all made.

The squares are 7" finished and the triangle squares 1 3/4" so the initials are about 35" high.  The overall piece is about half the width of the finished quilt so will make a big splash on the back!  Not sure how we're finishing out the remainder of the backing.  Another trip to the quilt shop may be in order.  Oh, darn!


Gwen said...

Check out Eleanor Burns Square up ruler. It is really easy to use and you trim them folded, cutting through two sides at a time. The rotating mat is great!

Diane said...

What a great idea for the back of a quilt--never seen that before! lot of work for sure tho.
thanks for sharing.

QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. A back, are you crazy??? It is beautiful enough for a front!

I love the Ort in your title. A crossword puzzle word! LOL.

Stephanie D. said...

You've convinced me--I need one of those!

Vicky said...

Love my rotating mat, especially when marking applique. I can turn it a bit without having to take my hands off the piece I'm marking.

Laurie said...

Okay, I'm a bit dense...It took me forever to figure out what letter you'd done. The E looked like a backwards C to me; even after I knew it should be an E! What a good use of leftover fabric from the front.

*karendianne. said...

I think that's a pretty darn neat backing. Difficult, too. Love the spinning mats. Happy to read you have one. You darn sure need and deserve it!!!