Saturday, July 10, 2010

Had to have

My friend Tanya's mom is holding a fabric and craft sale this weekend.  I was given the privilege of a preview on Thursday night and boy, did I have fun!  Mrs. B sewed has sewed for a lifetime, even making a living at it when her girls were small.  She also does tole painting and taught classes for many years.  My shopping was confined to the fabric area but there were a lot of "had to have" remnants, patterns, and yardage that I picked up.
Aren't these cute?  I can see them made up in some of these fabrics:

I liked these folk patterns and the paper-pieced kitties and was happy to acquire another template.
A few repros. I love the red one at the top of the pic especially.
True to form, I came home with lots of green prints, reds, and dots!  There are a few novelty prints in there as well.  Note the two lonely neutrals at the bottom of the pic.  I have the hardest time with those.
This little box also enticed me.  Green, of course.  The cats both came over to inspect but someone had to take a swipe at the other so no sweet noses in the photo (bad Mini, bad!).

My wallet $110 lighter, I happily headed home thinking of what fun I'll have with all this cotton candy.  Today I am going to finish the binding on Twisted Tails , which has finally been quilted--a year later-- and work on Erica's backing.  I have not sewn but one night this week however you wouldn't know it by the mess in my sewing room!


Joyful Quilter said...

Looks you have lots of new treasures. Love the sewing basket.

Marg said...

Lucky you to be able to see all this first. There are some lovely fabrics in that stash, and the sewing basket is so cute.

Stephanie D. said...

So since you were confined to the sewing area on Thurs, are you going back for the crafts?

Nice haul you got there!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You did good. Love the apron patterns.