Monday, September 27, 2010

Coastal Quilters Guild Show

My friend Tanya and I traveled up to Santa Barbara for a guild show.  There were some terrific quilts to be seen and of course some vendors that had to be visited. 
This was described as being of Alaskan native influenced.  I liked the interesting fabric choices and unusual the border.

B. Kliban T shirt quilt.  I love his cartoon cats and have a couple of his books and cards. 

Sampler quilts don't always grab my attention but the unique colors in this quilt sure did.

There were even some bowties :)

A winner for use of color, this small quilt was striking.

Especially the quilting!

Fantastic large quilt with appliqued everything.

I loved the incredible colors, the rickrack, and all the stitching.

The hip replacements were sensational!

Having worked for an orthopedic surgeon for 13 years, one who did hip replacements and had one of his own, I can appreciate the gratitude!   I'll share more pics in another post.  Now, though, I am going to seek some cooler place downstairs.  "Record breaking heatwave" is not one of my favorite weather patterns.  It is about 100 degrees at 8:25 PM upstairs here.  We do not have air conditioning in the house and my car's air conditioning doesn't work either.  This morning it was already 80 degrees before 7 AM.  It is not expected to cool down for a couple more days.  I may have to camp out downstairs tonight to get some sleep. Last night was brutal...


Melinda said...

I love the Day of the Dead Quilt - the hip replacements are so unique.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I heard your neck of the woods got to 45C yesterday. (See your heatwave is even making the news here in Australia )

Love the quilts from the show. The skeleton with flowers is a tad incongruous but given the hostroy of the maker - very clever.

Stephanie D. said...

Love that blue quilt--great use of color. It just glows. And as a nurse, I can appreciate the "hip replacement" dance!

I hate that it's so hot for you--this sounds like a good time to go north or something!

belinda said...

I.LIKE...alllllll those quilts!!!

I'm feelin' your pain girlfriend!! One just can not sleep when it is tooooo hot!!!