Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Sept 28, 2010

This edition of orts brought to you from hot, hot, hot So Calif!
  • Remember last Tuesday when I said this time of year the national extremes are in California frequently but are far away from where I live?  Uh, correction.  Yesterday the national extreme high temperature was in Los Angeles, where it was 113 degrees in downtown L.A.  That's only 60 miles from here---way too close.
  • My city also had a heat record of 104 degrees, topping one set 20 years ago in 1990.  You'd think I might remember that previous heatwave but I was recovering from gallbladder removal surgery, getting the house packed up to move while taking care of three children, the youngest of whom was 7 months old,  making three bridesmaid's dresses for a friend's wedding, and working part time in the County hospital's transcription department.  It was kind of a busy September that year!
  • This morning we had cloud cover so the temps dropped a lot but now it is muggy.  By the weekend, they say, we'll be having below normal temps.  Make up your mind, O weather mavens!!!
  • Traffic rant of the week:  It is really not necessary, young buck, to flip me off because I assumed we were both going to go straight at the four way stop since you were TOO LAZY to use a turn signal!  That little lever gizmo is there for a reason--you might study up on that in between texting and playing with your ipod. 
  • No quilting has happened since Saturday.  I believe I am in withdrawals because I am actually looking forward to ironing 5 yards of backing fabric for the bowtie quilt.
  • What is it about quilt shows that makes buying fabric and notions so irresistible?  I managed to keep my purchases under $80--and only because I put back some of the "have to have" items I picked up. Sickness, it's a sickness I tell you!
  • Erica called me today at work to let me know she set an appointment with the counselor at ASU in November.  So Arizona here we come :)
  • An uninvited guest was at Baby Jake's birthday party on Saturday.  His grandma told me that her son had filled the feeder that morning and it was already 1/4 empty. 
The feeder was only about 10 feet from where we were sitting in the backyard.  Mrs. Squirrel was looking straight at me, totally unconcerned.

It appears she was supporting a whole family though, given this view!


Vivian said...

Oh my! -- a National Geographic-type photo among the quilts. You crack me up! There's nothing like photographic proof that there's a Momma in the neighborhood.
I have your sickness too. The UPS and the USPS guys know they need to lift properly before picking up a fabric-filled box that's coming to my front door.
And the turn signals!! So true. Is that a guy thing? My DH tends to ignore it/forget it when driving. That pet peeve is near the top of my list.

Happy middle of the week.

Libby said...

Ahhh - the southern California Santa Ana season. Perhaps there is ONE thing I don't miss about the Golden State.
I remember that heat from 1990. Why? Because I won the 'Worst Mother Of The Year' award that year. The Princess kept complaining that she was hot. Well, everyone was hot. So we took her ice skating, we went to the mall, we went to the movies . . . . any place or thing that might offer cool relief. Then I got a call from the school nurse. The Princess had a fever of 102! Well, she tried to tell me she was hot. I STILL feel bad about that one *s*

Cynthia L. said...

The squirrel photo cracks me up. I could watch those crazy critters all day long.

Sorry it is so hot and you haven't quilted much. I would love to see what your $80 got you.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The squirrel is hilarious. It is fun to read what you have going on. We've had a hot spell here. In the 90s which is odd for the end of Sept. Next week the cool weather comes so this is the last of it I think. I'm ready to move on.

libbyquilter said...

i know that squirrels are actually pests but oh they're so darned cute~!!~
we don't have tree squirrels . . . just ground squirrels and they're just not quite the same~!


Tanya said...

I didn't realize that it had been that hot in LA last week. It was so cool in July when I was there. I guess you are getting the heat late. I hope everyone holds up!