Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Nov 16, 2010

A late edition of the Orts is brought to you by a crazy Tuesday where I woke up--bing!--at 4:45 AM and then didn't get home from work until 7:00 PM.  I am tired!
  • Airports are such great places to people watch.  However, I have to remember to keep my face neutral!  Erica caught me agape at a totally mismatched couple of employees at the Phoenix airport who luckily were too busy holding hands to notice me embarrassing myself.
  • There were so few passengers in both airports on Tuesday night that the employees were all sitting around talking.  Everywhere. 
  • My big sewing plans for last weekend petered out when I allowed the big job of Erica's quilt to paralyze me and instead spent way too much time trying to find a pattern on a list of quilts I wanted to make and had lost track of the magazine.  I didn't find the magazine and I didn't work on Erica's quilt.  Bad quilter, bad!
  • Traffic rant:  Driving to the airport, we were first behind a van whose driver had the dome light on and was searching for something on the floor, to the detriment of their highway driving capabilities (there was a lot of course correcting).  Then on the freeway we passed a sedan whose dome light was on as well, but this driver was holding a cup of soup with one hand and eating with the other.  I hesitate only slightly to mention that both of these drivers were men.  Note to moron males:  PULL OVER!
  • I mentioned yesterday to my co-workers that I am now published: the free-pieced word I made for Tonya was put into a quilt that graces the cover of her new book.  My work friend Pat quipped that I was starting at the bottom of the publishing world--with just ONE word!  Pretty funny.  (My word is SOAR).
  • Brunch is a great option for a birthday get together, I found.  Especially an all you can eat buffet that includes an omelet bar and a waffle bar.  And the lighting is good for photos without flash:
Elaine and Erica  (l to r). 
  • Sometimes Tuesdays are the busiest and worst day.  But it's hard to say "What a week!"  that early in the week.
  • Thanksgiving is coming up way too fast.  We'll have 18 at our house this year but no little kids.  So do I still have to make jello?


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Your girls are so beautiful.

Many Male drivers suck. Whats worse is they think they are the best drivers ever.

My least favourite day of the week happens to be whatever day we have team meetings that fortnight. My colleagues like to endelssly discuss things without resolution in the hope that makes them seem democratic. Epic frustration just about sums that up(and no the meeting wasnt today)

Sometimes you just gotta go with the no sewing flow!

Stephanie D. said...

Congrats on making the cover of a fun quilting book! Your 15 minutes of fame!

Lovely picture of your daughters!

Vivian said...

Beautiful daughters, Annie.
I'll register that brunch idea away for future use.
Even though your beginning in publishing is only one word, that's one word more than most of us have. Congrat's!