Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Nov 9, 2010

Tonight I'll be winging my way with Erica to Arizona to check out ASU and her new digs.  But first, a few orts to share...
  • Weekend clothes shopping plus doing two weeks' worth of laundry equals a full closet and drawers.  Too bad I am sick of about half of the old stuff, even when clean.
  • Curiously, there is a shortage of navy in the world just now.  I cannot find a pair of navy slacks anywhere.  Also, navy fabric is sorely lacking at my local fabric store.  Another color conspiracy?  I remember in the early 80's the inability to find brown fabric--even brown yarn was hard to find!
  • The housekeepers were here a week ago and I am still straightening photos and paintings.  Sometimes I think they leave them crooked on purpose so we'll know they dusted them.
  • With the recent dizzying jump from too hot to cool, my confused garden is now sporting daylilies, plumeria blossoms, camellias, margarita daisies, poinsettias, and the avocado tree is producing buds and blooms. The ornamental pear and Golden Rain trees are turning colors and losing leaves. At least the poppies have died out until spring!
  • Traffic rant of the week:   Putting on your hazard lights while parking in a loading zone or red zone does not mean you're not breaking the law.  Especially if you are  parked on the wrong side of the street facing oncoming traffic--a sight actually witnessed last week in front of the building to the rear of our office!
  • I read recently that the final book in the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean Auel, called The Land of the Painted Caves, will be coming out in the spring, 31 years after the first book.   But then I read that she may still have one more book in her--at age 74.  If she keeps the same pace of writing, I'll be a grandma before it is published. 
  • Speaking of grands--our granddog Scully enjoyed his Halloween costume so much he did not like to take it off.
He was nice and cozy as a shark!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yep-Im over my clothes too. And dont you hate it when they decide for a whole year not to let you buy clothes in a certain colour because it's not in "fashion" for that season. Dammit -Im 44 , I want to wear what I want when I want, because I know far better than the designers what colours look good on me. Ive earned the right to dress myself in whatever colour I choose. Make it in every colour thanks.

Thank goodness JK Rowling knocked out those Harry Potter books regularly. I was one of the nerds that bought them the day they came out and spent the next 3 days reading to the end. 31 years is just rude.

Enjoy the Arizona trip.

Stephanie D. said...

Ooo, a new Clan of the Cave Bear book! Hadn't heard that, so thanks for mentioning it. I think after Christmas will be a good time for digging in and reading the series all over again. Then I'll be ready for the new one!

Scully looks adorable. He'd definitely have gotten a treat if he'd come to my house!

Vivian said...

I was so into those Clan of the Cave Bear books way back when--I think they're still around our house somewhere. Interesting about the next book. Better late than never, I guess.
Scully looks just a tad bit shy--the costume is adorable!
Have a safe, informative trip to AZ.