Friday, December 31, 2010

Joined Up

I have joined Judy's UFO Challenge 2011.  I added her button to my sidebar and also a page tab at the top of my blog for my entries.  It is my first time making a page and I hope I did it right!  It seems these things should be easy but I'm no computer whiz.  I'll be editing the page to add photos of each UFO.   Today is the last day to join.  I love a deadline!

Out of all the wonderful UFO challenges currently out there in blogland, I liked Judy's because of the mystery involved.  We have been told to number our UFOs and she'll draw a number at the beginning of the month--that's the one we'll work on that month.  Fun!  Most of the ones I listed were old but several are new and I can't wait to finish them.   These are "selfish" entries because they are all for ME and my dream of having a pile of finished quilts that I made, in my house.  My hope is that I'll have time to work on the one UFO per month and still have plenty of playtime with other projects that are in earlier stages.  I have a lot of those too (I am a Serial Project Starter).  Wish me luck!


Quilter Kathy said...

Me too...I'm a "serial project starter"! Great idea to make a separate page for the challenge. Wonder if I could figure out how to do that?
Great even outlined the next steps for the are all ready to go!

Kate said...

Great proejcts. Good luck with the challenge. I didn't join Judy's challenge, not enough UFO's and I want to work on some new projects this year. But I'll be following along to give moral support and cheer for finishes.

Shay said...

Oh drawing a number is such a cute idea. Good Luck Annie.

Michele said...

Good luck! I don't have many UFO's but the ones I have are just not getting finished.....I hope yours get completed! I'm sure they'll be beautiful!

Pokey said...

You'll do it,Hope you are happy with every one of them, too! Happy New Year, Annie.