Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's 1/1/11, another once in a century date, so I couldn't pass up posting today. 

So how did you ring in the New Year?  Grant took me out to a nearby hotel's bar/restaurant where a fellow musician friend was playing bass in a band.  We enjoyed lots of early Rock n Roll a la Carl Perkins and Buddy Holly and other early artists.  There was even some dancing, which was fun.  Usually I don't get to dance because Grant is PLAYING in the band.  There was an interesting mix of folks there and the people watching was great.  The music was not too loud and it wasn't crowded.  My kind of low key evening.  It was unusual for us to go out for New Year's Eve--I can't remember the last time we did!

Today I spent quite a few hours de-Christmasing the house.  It seems to take such a long time to pack it all up, but I got some help from Grant and Erica with the tree, took down and packed up all the various decorations, wreaths, etc, and everything is now put away in the garage.  The living room feels twice as big but not as cheery!  I got out my black bears and pinecones for winter decor.  Feels good to have it all done in one day.  Usually my advanced procrastinating skills mean there are half packed boxes laying around for at least a couple of days.

This morning I checked on Judy's UFO Challenge number drawn and was happy to see it was #6, which corresponds to the easiest finish on my list, the Comfort Zone quilt.
I already have the backing cut, the binding made, and the completed top ready to layer and pin baste.  It's a good thing Judy picked that one, as I'll be very busy finishing up Erica's quilt in the next three weeks before she moves.  Tonight I took photos of the other projects listed on my UFO Challenge page and will post those directly.  A Happy New Year to you all!


Kate said...

Happy New Year Anne! Sounds like you had a good time. We were pretty boring this year, in bed by 11:00. I simply could not stay up!

Good luck on UFO #6!

Chris said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Happy New Year Annie.

Barb said...

Glad you had a lovely New Years Eve....we did nothing....but that is okay....sometimes nothing is good.

Vivian said...

No big celebration of the new year in our household either. I put my feet up, got reacquainted with some old Q magazines, and sipped on a bit of wine. Quiet is just fine for this baby boomer.

Shay said...

Your new year sounds like fun! We went out for dinner since New Years Eve doubles as our wedding anniversary.

Also I think I am channelling you or vice versa..I had a post in draft that actually used identical words to your de-christmased one so Ive gone and changed it so I'm not a copy cat.I'm so glad all the Christmas crap is packed away!

Happy New Year!

Lorraine said...

The house always looks a little bare after all the Christmas stuff is packed away.....I didn't even get it all out this time..LOL...smaller house! ...and it still took most of the day to put away...and as always I found a couple of things that I missed.....! I will be trying to get a few UFOs finished this year..but numbering them all and working thru a list is way too organised for me...LOLOLOL. Truth be known I would be hard pressed listing them all!