Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Feb 1, 2011

A special Elaine-centric Orts this week!

Our lovely older daughter arrived just short of two years after her brother Nick. 
Here she is just home from the hospital, with her Great Grandma.

An independent sort from the beginning, she was not a very cooperative sleeper.  But she had a quiet and calm air, as if she knew exactly what she wanted.  She adored her big brother, who always made her laugh.

Nick, 2 1/2, with Elaine at 6 1/2 months.

Elaine took her time and could be counted on to be playing quietly while Nick and his buddy Ryan, who I babysat, made car and fire engine noises all day.  I often had to go looking to see where she was playing, versus just listening for the boys!
Dollies were popular.   Here she is at her Granny's house, about 9 months old.  Our girl was particular about who could hold her, especially disliking strange men, but her Uncle Kevin was always a favorite.  She talked early and walked late.  She hated to sit on her bottom and when you went to put her on the floor she would swing her legs back to be set down on her knees. Often she "walked" on her knees.

When she was just over 2 1/2, she got a baby sister, Erica.
Here are Nick and Elaine with their other Grandma and brand new Erica.
Her first comment regarding her new sister:  "She can't talk."  Seemingly unimpressive at first, baby sister grew on her and she loved to hold and play with her.

Elaine was interested in celebrity from a young age.

Here she is at almost 3 practicing for foiling future paparazzi by wearing dark sunglasses and a somber expression.  It was about this time that we began to have arguments over clothing.  Elaine wanted to wear party dresses and fancy "shoeses" to preschool when it was 55-60 degrees out.  Often she wanted me to pick something out for her to wear, only to reject each choice in turn and finally choose something herself.

Our independent girl has grown to a confident and lovely young lady who is making her own way in the world.  She loves her family, her man, her friends, her dog, and her career as a hairstylist.  We are very proud of her!

In lieu of a traffic rant this week, Elaine is guest-ranting about another topic close to our hearts: our Mother language.

Hello Orts Readers!

Due to my complaints of inadequacy to my darling mother, this week I am bringing you a special edition of "Grammar Police!" I was recently walking through the mall with my boyfriend, Chris. We passed the oh-so-tacky storefront of Wet Seal. I glanced over and was immediately in shock. This awful shirt was in the store window:
Yes ladies (I would say "and gentlemen" but let's be realistic, most dudes don't quilt.), "if your single, so am I." I had to go back and take a picture. There are multiple problems with this, albeit only one grammatical. Firstly, this shirt implies that if the person in question is indeed single, then it would not matter if the wearer is or is not, that they would, shall we say, invite any advances the other person may be willing to make. Infidelity is, like, so cool. Secondly, this is a cotton off the shoulder top with bright gray glitter writing. Not cute. Except for maybe on a 13-year-old which makes the script of the shirt thaaat much more gross. Thirdly, and most importantly, somehow this shirt made it from conception to production and shipping without anyone noticing that the grammar was incorrect!? This is absolutely shocking to me, and I cannot quite wrap my head around the fact that this major company would overlook such a staggeringly easy rule of grammar. You are = you're. A simple contraction, people. Your indicates possession. If you need further instruction on this elementary grammar, http://www.wikihow.com/Use-You%27re-and-Your is a helpful link. Your welcome. ;)

And that's a wrap for this week's Orts!


Michele said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing your family with us......what a successful young woman:) Much to be proud of :) Yes, I find that tee shirt appalling.....in the thought that it promotes and the grammar! Who would buy something like that??

Quilter Kathy said...

How fabulous to have a "guest ranter"!
You can be so proud...your daughter did a great job and I loved the rant!

Kate said...

They grow up so fast, from cute baby to charming young woman. Appreciate the guest ort. Even my 12 year old fashion foward kiddo thought along the same lines.

Quilt Hollow said...

Your daughter will delight in this week's post right? LOL

Elaine said...

Yay for me! Love you, mom!

Libby said...

I say 'Stamp Out Quilt Police' but we could sure use 'Grammar Police'

Shay said...

Waving at Elaine. So nice to see you getting your own full length feature!

I love finding grammar mistakes in public. Your example is one of the best I've seen. I think you should bring it to their attention and force a store wide recall.

Of course the shirt was probably made in China, henceforth the reason it actually made it to the US with manky spelling intact. But once it got there - no excuse!

I double checked my grammar and punctuation in this post. I often make mistakes because I type quickly but inaccurately.I didn't want to incur your scorn.

Pokey said...

I love that girl! We need more of them thar kinds!

p.s. just to give you somethin' to do...ha!

Vivian said...

This is a masterful post! First all the details about a delightful young lady named Elaine, and then we get to hear from her in person. Great fun! Thanks for all the wonderful words today, ladies.
Signed, Vivian (a former English teacher--which makes me a natural grammar critic)