Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February's UFO

Live from Area 51, Judy selected #10 for this month's UFO.  I am excited about this pick too, as it is my oldest UFO.  I bought this Bear's Paw pillow kit by Lasting Piece at The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, probably when my Australian friend *Sue was here and we were on our California adventure in January 2001.

I did not know a lot about quilting then and had no idea what I was getting into with such small pieces!  I did fine until it came to the quilting part, where I came to a dead stop.  I plan to hand quilt this per the instructions.  They used a cable in the outer border and included a template (that blue thing) and simple stitch in the ditch for the bear's paws.  I'll have to get a better photo as the colors are not showing up as richly as they truly are.  Marking needs to take place before any needlework, so that is a task maybe for tonight when Grant is holding band practice here.

January's UFO selection officially was identified as a finished quilt on January 30th, one day before the deadline.  Happy dance time (actually, it was more like turn out the light and rest my tired eyes time)!

This was an experiment in color and print to see if I could make a quilt that would be neutral, that is, neither feminine nor masculine.  Those I've shown it to seem to agree that it is neutral, so I am pleased.

Oops, this picture is posted sideways!  The stripe goes horizontal on the back.  See more pics on my UFO page here.  This was a pattern called Comfort Zone, from Quilts and More Summer 2006 magazine.  I like the name and will keep it.  I just found a note in the magazine indicating I was going to finish this for a different UFO challenge in 2008, oh my.  So it is older than I remembered, but that's not going on the label!

*Keeping Susie and her family in Northern Queensland close in my thoughts as they are getting hit by Category 5 Cyclone Yasi right now.  It crossed the coast between Cairns and Innisfail and they have evacuated from their house and taken their boat from the Port Douglas Marina up the inlet!! Scary, scary and much damage to come. Those who pray, please send prayers for Queensland!


Nicole said...

I have been thinking of our Aussie friends all day too.
Recently, I read the best idea for machine quilting. You trace your template on sticky shelf liner paper, then stick it on your border. All you do is stitch along side the edges of the paper all along the border!

Vivian said...

You're taking full advantage of the push with the UFO Challenge and getting much done. Way to go!

The extreme weather conditions in the news, whether the cyclone in Australia or the monster winter storm in the US -- they're devastating.

Shay said...

But you finished it Annie! Now , onto the next one!

Your friend is up north of Cairns isnt she? They ended up very lucky that far north. I hope she wasn't too scared. It must have been pretty awful. I think people were very well prepared.

Libby said...

*oh* The Cotton Ball . . . how I would love to stop in on my way to get some fish and chips *S*

Michele said...

Congrats on tackling those UFO's! I'll keep Susie and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

jovaliquilts said...

That no-longer-UFO is just lovely -- the colors are wonderfully done. Do you know any more about your friend in Queensland? The devastation there has been so awful.