Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Bear's Sleepover

This is a Bear-centric post featuring a small blue fellow.  Bear is my dad's companion.  With my dad he has enjoyed many a geocaching and cross-country driving trip, gone fishing on the Colorado a number of times, and seen a lot of Fox News from his perch atop the den's couch.  Mom helps keep bear clean and often narrates for him.  I invited Bear for a sleepover and here are some of his activities at Casa de Orts:

Meeting Mini.  Bear wasn't afraid at all.  See his face?  He also met Russell the dog, who wouldn't stay still long enough to be photographed with the visitor.

Enjoying the view from the cutting table.  Bear very politely ignored the old laundry hamper in his view of the side yard.

Watching the Academy Awards from a perch on the piano.  He rooted for The King's Speech and liked Colin Firth's acceptance speech, especially the part about having some feelings around his abdominals that threatened to become dance moves.  Bear feels like that sometimes too.

Bear lives with retired people so is not used to morning alarms.  He turned over for a little more shut eye the next morning.

But was soon awake and his usual smiling self.

After breakfast Bear accompanied me to Job #1, just up the stairs in the office.  He listened to a little dictation from Dr. Mitchell, one of my favorite cardiologists.

...and held my reference materials for the pulmonary tests while I transcribed.  I knew it wouldn't be a violation of patient privacy rules to let Bear watch since he knows how to keep a confidence.

After the work was finished we went downstairs and Bear took a gander out the front window.

He sat a while waiting for a bird to come by (but they didn't, because of Mini).

Bear admired the flowers Grant gave me for our anniversary.  He liked the lilies best.

He kicked back on his quilt as we watched TV while I finished the binding on the Bear's Paw Quilt.  Bear loves his own quilt and uses it every night.  His favorite part is the salmon stitched onto the front and also all the different fish on the backing.

We took a tour of the backyard after he modeled on the Bear's Paw Quilt and Bear spotted this baby Hass avocado on our tree.  I told him it wasn't ready to eat yet and we shared some popcorn instead.

Yikes!  This grass is deep!

Checking out Russell's room.  Bear likes his handmade quilt better than this old and worn out storebought one of Russell's, but he didn't want to hurt Russell's feelings so didn't mention it.

A healthy dose of exercise climbing a tree finished off the afternoon.  Bear was a great visitor and gave Grant and Nick paw-bumps as he left.  He had to sit in the front seat of my car, but usually he has a car seat when he drives with Dad. 

Bear can see straight out the window in his car seat and always has a smile when he rides!  I hope Bear comes back for another visit soon.


*karendianne. said...

OH how totally cuteamous!!!

loulee said...

ROTF! I don't know what to say. You mad fool, I love you.

Elaine said...

Ii wish I could be in the room with Papa when he sees this. All of bears poses are hilarious.

Vivian said...

OMG!!! Let me catch my breath. I'm choking from laughing!!!
I thought I'd seen the ultimate in delightful poses and read all the insane creativity from your fertile mind, and then I read that Bear gave Grant and Nick paw-bumps as he left.
That one put me on the floor, and my gluteus maximus aches.
Wonderful!!! The whole story is wonderful!!!

Shay said...

I had been threatening to laugh out loud madly and wake the rest of the house from about the second picture...I completely lost it at "paw bumps" and had to go change my undies I laughed so hard.

Ten minutes later Im still chuckling every time I think of this post.

Annie this is one of the funniest things I've EVER read. Thanks for posting. I hope bear can come and visit again soon.

Ali Honey said...

I wish all guests were so polite and easily entertained. What a nice chap bear is. I am sure he had a lovely visit with you.
( Loulee sent me over ).

Kate said...

Thank you for the belly laugh. What a wonderful quilting buddy. I hope he comes to visit again very soon!

Sherrill said...

That was HILARIOUS! I think Bear needs to come to Texas so he can go geocaching with us. Maybe he could give us some pointers on some of the sneakier hides! LOL

Tanya said...

Very nice to meet Bear. Looks like you are keeping him busy!

Michele said...

Great cute and fun!

Stephanie D said...

Girl, you are too funny!