Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Mar 8, 2011

Tuesday's Orts returns this week--from windy and cold So Calif.
  • Our birthday girl had a very busy visit.  Hair appt with her sister, eyebrows, nails, shopping, eating, and hanging out with all her friends took up a lot of hours.
  • I tagged along to the nail appointment at the last minute for a mini-pedicure.  A quick shave prior to the appointment resulted in a butcher job on my calves, as I discovered when I rolled up my pants leg and found dried blood in three places.  Sheesh.  You'd think I'd be better at it after 35+ years.
  • Our family's birthday tradition for the last few years has been a restaurant dinner party.  Erica chose a restaurant in Santa Barbara where a friend of hers works.  Our party of 10 possible partygoers shrank to 5 over the course of a couple of hours, for various reasons, resulting in three text messages to the friend to adjust the reservation.  Ah, technology!
  • Fancy French restaurants list ingredients I have never heard of.  Grilled Rapini?  Flat Iron Pork?  Both were delicious! 
  • Traffic rant: People who do the 5 mph cruise around the shopping mall parking lot with a line of four or more cars behind them, totally oblivious and uncaring, especially when they stop to let someone into or out of the vehicle in the middle of the lane, taking their sweet time with instructions or conversation.
  • I'm now paying attention to the temperature in Cincinnati on the weather page, since we are going there in a month.  Sure hope there is no flooding and no snow happening then.
  • Since our girl is currently single, she brought along her best friend Christy to the dinner party.  We miss Christy now that she is not coming and going from our house so were happy to have her company for a few hours while Erica was here from AZ.

Erica flew home today.  We miss her already! 


Libby said...

Every week I get the biggest giggle from your traffic rants. They are always hit home. I wonder if you, like me, would be out of your mind with the ridiculous antics of NE drivers. Let's just say that my horn has had a workout over the last 18 months *S*

Shay said...

Glad to hear the birthday gal had a good time.

I cant stand even the thought of someone touching my feet. And I hear you about the leg shaving drama. I often think I 'd do less damage with a whipper snipper.

Off to google Grilled Rapini and Flat Iron Pork...Sounds very fancy!

jovaliquilts said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! Hope you have a wonderful time in Cincinnati. Our guild used to take a bus trip up to the Chicago show every year and it was AWESOME. Cincinnati is just too far away for a day trip, and I will miss going. It's totally fabulous.

Barb said...

Time goes all to quickly, but what a fun time you all had....

Michele said...

Sounds like Erica had a fun birthday too!