Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

May is full upon us and the sound of birds.  They like orts too!
  • Russell the dog seems to be suffering from spring allergies.  His eyes are all pink around the eyebrow and he is constantly twirling around on the grass rubbing his face.  He is probably allergic to the grass, the silly dog.
  • Son Nick was playing some pickup basketball at the park last Thursday and rolled his ankle but good as he stepped on another player's foot with all his weight, going up for a layup.  He has one skinny ankle and bony foot and one fat ankle and fat foot.  Sprains sure take a long time to calm down.
  • We had some unexpected rain last night and this morning when I took my walk everything was clean and fresh.  Too bad it was trash pickup day and I had to wend my way around all the cans parked on the sidewalk.
  • I've been on a new eating plan for two weeks and have lost 5 lbs.  It is the No Sugar, No Flour diet by Dr. Gott.  You know, of the newspaper column.  Eating whole grains, meat/seafood, veggies, nuts, and fruit leaves me feeling full so that I don't crave sugar or processed food.  I feel clearer-headed and have more energy.  That's a good feeling!
  • Traffic rant:  Parking lots that are so poorly designed that there is only one way in and one way out unless you drive an entire city block to the other end to exit onto a street you can't make a left turn onto to get back to where you came from.
  • Mother's Day cards warm the heart.  I like to get the funny ones too.
  • My Mother in Law, when she saw her vintage tablecloths and her china gracing the tables at our Mother's Day brunch here, said, "I've seen those before".  And promptly offered me all the rest of her linens.  Oh, my groaning cupboards!
  • Gratuitous scenery photo from So Calif:   
This is camping at Faria Beach. A long row of RVs lined up on the edge of the road.

And this is why!  What a view.  It was dinnertime when I took these shots a couple of weeks ago and my mouth was watering from all the BBQ smells.  These spots are full nearly every weekend and of course all major holidays, practically all year long.  Even I could camp like this!


Shay said...

Gorgeous shots of the ocean. That looks very much like an Aussie beach.

I hope Russell recvoers soon. Indy is allergic to grasses so Spring is always tough for him too.

Way to go on that eating plan. I'd try it but Im completely addicted to flour. As far as Im concerned it's deserving of it's own food group.

Hope Nick's ankle returns to normal soon and how about some photos of your gorgeous gifted linen ?

Michele said...

I love the Tuesday orts! I hope your son is feeling better :-)

imquilternity said...

My husband and I were just there last Wednesday. Just as the sun was going down and it was absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing a familiar spot!

Kate said...

Muscle sprains and strains are not fun, hope Nick's ankle heals quickly.

Have you ever noticed that in some places you do a lot of driving just to park?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I can relate to Nick's current state... sadly. Yep, sprained my foot; ouch! Thanks for gratuitous shots, I can smell the BBQ too!!