Saturday, May 14, 2011

Various and Assorted

Long workweeks do not make for energetic nighttime quilters...I spent more time looking for quilting ideas and going to the fabric store for thread than actually quilting.  But this morning I got up early and got to it.  The Kitchen Sink quilt has aged far too long and needs to get to its new home.

After crosshatching with cream thread in the ditch diagonally through the center of the quilt, I went to my trusty three-step zig zag for the narrow border and some large puzzle-piece stippling in the wide border.  I know, I know, not adventurous in the least!

Using 40 wt thread means you run out of bobbin thread more square foot to go and I ran out at this point!  Good thing I thought ahead and bought two spools of thread. 

Some free motion quilting in the setting triangles will finish off the quilting and I can proceed to binding, labeling, and mailing this off to my aunt's husband, who has been undergoing treatment for tongue cancer.  He's feeling better but is still recovering from radiation/chemo that took a deep toll on the Georgia native.  Hang in there, Tommy!


Shay said...

Love the wide border Annie. It reallysets off the centre blocks beautifully.

You're amazing at quilting. I love what you've done with that quilt!It still sounds adventurous to me.

Im pretty sure the recipient is going to love it. (And Uncle Tommy we're all thinking of you!)

Barb said...

He will love the quilt, thanks for showing your free motion, it is wonderful@

Kate said...

Wow, nice quilting, beautiful quilt. Hope your Uncle Tommy gets back up to speed soon!

Quilter Kathy said...

It's great Annie...way to go with your UFO!
You must be so happy to be finishing this and getting it ready to comfort a loved one!

Cynthia L. said...

Boy, you have way more energy than I do. You always have such wonderful projects going. This quilt is really nice and will be much loved!

Joyful Quilter said...

Great job on the quilting - it fits the quilt perfect (to me that is the hardest part - what to put where). What a wonderful gift.

Vivian said...

You have confidence with your own quilting, and your finished quilts look great. After our recent guild show, I was feeling really down about my own amateur quilting, seeing quilt after quilt done by talented long-arm quilters. But I don't want to pay someone else to finish my quilt, and I'm learning to be totally satisfied with what I do, simple and adequate.
Tommy will adore the quilt and will be touched by your generosity. Your quilting may not be adventurous, but that's not important. Your gift will be in the arms of someone who will appreciate the comfort and good wishes it brings to him.