Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

A regular feature, letting all the scraps of thoughts of the week land here in a pile of orts.
  • I left work early on Friday and did some shopping.  My least favorite phrase described too many of the shoes I was browsing in Sears:  "All Manmade Materials".  Which to me translates to "sweat and stink shortly".
  • Later I was perusing a rack in another store and a lady came through an opening through a couple nearby racks.  Just as she got abreast of me, she burped, practically in my ear.  That was a new experience.  At least she did excuse herself!
  • DD Erica called to say she was thinking about changing her major (again), this time to Sociology.  I said, "Oh, you mean you're taking Muggle Studies" (Harry Potter term for non-magical people).  This cracked her up and she vowed to post it "everywhere" online.  I did see it made Facebook!
  • My friend Tanya and I visited a local fabric store that is closing it's Camarillo location.  Tanya had two gift cards to use there and I wanted to pick up more fabric for the wedding quilt.  While I was waiting for her to get some fabric cut, I looked over to the register area and standing at the counter there was a familiar looking woman.  I stupidly stared and then said to her, "You're Marcia!", to which she replied, "Well, I played her". (What a dolt!) Then her name entirely flew out of my head so I had to say, "And your name is...?"  and she said "Maureen".  I'm hoping what I said was, "...McCormick, of course".  I mentioned that I had watched her many times on TV and enjoyed it, and thanked her for her work, shaking her hand.   What an idiotic encounter, but I wanted to acknowledge her presence.  I can only imagine what she said to her companions about the dumb fan! 
  • Traffic rant:  On the way back from Camarillo, Tanya and I spotted some thick smoke from an obvious fire in the distance on the opposite side of the freeway, at the edge of some farmland.  The gawkers tied up traffic so quickly we were glad our exit was only a couple offramps away.  The fire was not that close to the freeway but all the lookyloos who could see the flames and smoke created a big snarl that worsened already bad Sunday afternoon traffic, in BOTH directions, for hours. 
  • Doing pretty well with my No Sugar, No Flour eating plan. Snacking on roasted, unshelled sunflower seeds is a hygiene problem, have you ever noticed? There is no sanitary way to eat them without getting your fingers in your mouth. So I use this: 

A shot glass.  This was a Bunco night souvenir and is even my favorite color! 


Shay said...

I've noticed that people do all sorts of things in public that would have been pretty much unthinkable 20 years ago. Apparently it's not big deal anymore.

Laughing at Muggle Studies. Technically you're absolutely correct. So funny though. I wonder if the college would consider re-naming that course.

Marcia Brady quilts? What was she buying?

Cynthia L. said...

I am impressed - you got to meet a star! I am like Shay, I would love to know what she was buying.

Burping is bad, but here in WV we see a lot of butt crack and I find that to be worse. As my daughter says, "Crack is bad!"

Your little shot glass reminds me of the cups everyone uses when they chew tobacco!

Vivian said...

I would have a terrible time dropping sugar and flour from my diet. I love sweets, but pasta and cereal head to my mouth even more often. Do you concentrate on fruits and veggies and protein?

It's a great feeling to entertain our adult kids and make them laugh. And if they end up quoting us, that's the pinnacle of praise.

I'm afraid I would have said "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." You were at least relatively cool when you saw her. I'm #3 with the same question -- what was she buying?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I would have been even more excited about Marcia than that, and would have called her Marcia!! I am sure she loves the recognition.... Love the muggle studies...another one I use all the time is the pensieve, to clear my head!! Works wonders...my imaginaryu one works wonders, wish I had the real one!!Could then safely say.."I'll worry about it tomorrow"...

Stephanie D. said...

I probably would have garbled my words terribly and not even gotten out her last name! And I don't consider myself her number 1 fan or anything!