Sunday, June 26, 2011

Set Decorating

Doesn't that sound like a great job?  I've always thought it would be great fun to go into a giant warehouse at the studios and pull furniture and props, especially for a period piece.  My version of set decorating today involves red, white and blue for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.
This mini was made from leftovers from the Kitchen Sink quilt.  I sat outside and stitched the binding down in my new lounge chair. I'm afraid I exceeded the 10 minutes' sun tolerance for my pale skin and got myself a slight sunburn.  Oops!

A little bling for the center of the pinwheel.  I've had this button in my button box so long it is almost vintage. 

Some leftover binding was fashioned into a hanging sleeve... fit on this stand.  The mini is almost too big for the stand and in fact I pulled the binding towards the back a little extra to get another 1/8" clearance.

The Broken Dishes tablerunner fits perfectly on my sideboard.  You'd think I planned that or something!  The mini garden flag adds some height to my arrangement.   Now if I can just get my Patriotic Fields Doll Quilt finished this week, I'll be all set for the big weekend.  It has been waiting a year already to be hand quilted, so we'll see!


Marg said...

That all looks very festive. I love your mini quilt stand and the mini quilt and table runner look fabulous for Independence Day.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that mini quilt! What a great idea. I'm going to have to get decorating for the 4th now! Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Take Care!

Kate said...

The mini quitl is adorable! Love your "bling" in the center. Looks like your house is all decked out and ready for the 4th!

Shay said...

I get all patriotic when I see and the red white and blue creations making an appearance this time of year - and Im not American!

Your runner and mini quilt are both lovely (and just the thing for this weekend!)

Pokey said...

I tried to comment on your table runner yesterday, I really like the reds and the great stars. This mini Kitchen Sink spinner is too cute, I thought it was a mug rug at first. Your blog is full of creative sewing these days, so inspirational!

Vivian said...

Every little quilt deserves a little bling. Very festive button!
Your red/white runner looks like it was made especially for your sideboard.
Good grief. Here comes July 4th -- way too soon! But I say that every year.

Belinda said...

W-a-y cute mizzzzz pale face/legs/arms etc.etc. HA!
That table runner is just adorable...I.WANT>