Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer's here

The June Gloom, our usual summer weather pattern, has been hanging around all month so far, true to form.  The marine layer drifts in and out morning and evening but we have been having some sunny afternoons, even at the beach.  I only need to wear my sweater at work half the day, ha ha.  Lots of folks in blogland are showing their flourishing gardens.  I have a harvest to report as well:

Yup, we're farmers!  A neighbor gave us two tomato plants and they are producing.  This plate is about five inches across so it is not a bountiful harvest--these are cherry tomatoes! 

I finished this Broken Dishes tablerunner a while ago and really should have waited for morning to photograph it as this is a bit dark.  I posed it on DH Grant's new lounge chair.  Today I went out and bought another chair for me; mine is red.  There was about 20 minutes of lounging time before the dog went ballistic because someone was knocking on the front door, so I had to get up to see what that was all about.  The neighbor boys told me their ball went over our fence so I plodded through the thigh-deep weeds in the side yard to return not one, but four of their balls that were back there, all different sizes.  Someone keeps missing the pitch-back, apparently!

When I came back in from taking the tablerunner picture I found Mini holding down this WIP.  Thanks, Mini!  (Really need to get that one quilted.)

This photo should be titled "Why I should never buy ivy".  There is a sad twin to this plant in another room.  My record with houseplants that require frequent watering is pretty dismal.

But here is our healthy Golden Rain tree in the front yard.  We had it trimmed in late spring and it has filled out nicely and is thickly covered with yellow flower spikes.  The tree is only about half grown at about 15 feet tall though we have had it a number of years.  While someday it may be tall enough to actually shade the house, only part of the driveway and garage receive any protection from the sun now.   Not really reached goal on that one yet!   I love this tree because it changes all year--after the flowers bloom there are lantern-like seed pods that turn to golden and orange colors as fall approaches.  Finally all the leaves and pods fall off and the tree is bare until spring, when first red leaf buds appear that then turn green.  Nice tree!


Marg said...

Love the table runner, great colours.
I'm trying to grow cherry tomatoes at the moment, usually I don't have any problem but this year hardly any of the flowers have fruited. There are very few bees around at the moment so I have to remember to try and pollinate them by hand.
I have a Golden Rain tree in my garden. It's right next to the driveway and when we had drought conditions, the roots damaged the driveway surface and buckled it. It's a pretty tree but I'm not happy with it.

Kathie said...

nice table runner, oh nothing better then home grown tomatoes!

Stephanie said...

Pretty table runner. Your Golden Rain Tree sounds like it gives you some seasonal color. Something that California's never really get to experience in the Fall. I know Liquid Amber tree is about the closest tree we had that turned color in the Fall.

Shay said...

I just want to tell you my Mum says ivy is impossible to kill. She was really impressed when I managed it a few years back. I'll let her know you're my Northern Hemisphere counterpart.

Home grown tomatoes are the best!

Kate said...

The table runner is gorgeous, love all the reds.

You, I and Shay must share the ivy killing gene. I guess someone has to have it!

Vivian said...

That's a wonderful mix of reds in your table runner.
I want to see a photo of your red lawn chair some day. They much be the height of comfort for you to go back and buy one for yourself.
The Golden Rain tree sounds like year-round entertainment and color. Very unique.

Belinda said...

hhhhhmmmm...scrumptious RED tomatoes....a comfy new RED chair and another fabulous RED table runner. Good Stuff Maynard!!!

Libby said...

Nothing like a homegrown tomato - no matter the size!
I'm hoping for a harvest. Found a volunteer out in the yard that I am babying along. Other than that my only garden this year is a little basil plant on the kitchen counter. Everything counts *s*