Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

Another Tuesday, this one the longest Tuesday of the year.  I kind of feel like that already, and it isn't even noon yet!
  • Father's Day BBQ was a pretty quiet affair--only one offspring of ours was here and I was the only offspring of my parents' present!  It sure made the noise level lower than it normally is for family gatherings at our place. There was plenty of strawberry shortcake too.
  • Traffic rant:  This is of the restaurant sort.  How do you feel about people who leave sunglasses or bags to claim just-emptied tables and then get at the end of a long line to order food, far far behind you?  Yeah, makes me homicidal too.
  • Its getting so I don't want to order soft drinks in restaurants due to the ridiculous prices--$3.00 for an iced tea is pretty common.  On top of a sandwich or salad it can quickly add up to $10 for lunch and I am not willing to do that more than about once a week!  Water is still free most places.
  • I bought DH Grant a nice adjustable lounge/chaise for the backyard for Father's Day.  He has been wanting one for a long time.  I tried it out and now I want one too--however my blinding white legs can't tolerate more than about 10 minutes of sun so it would be a quick lounging session. 
  • Mini the cat supervised me on Saturday morning as I was assessing the pantry:

She was just sitting in there looking up at me before I pulled the camera out.
    Frosted Flakes appear to be a favorite.  See her question mark tail?  She nearly always holds her tail in that little crook when she walks.  Too cute.


Shay said...

Maybe Mini was saying hello to the big kitty on the Frosted Flakes box? (By the way we call them Frosties here and they are my second favourite cereal-Mini has excellent taste!)

I wonder why Ausssies and Americans celebrate Mothers Day at the same time but not Father's Day (Ours isnt until September ) Hope Grant had a wonderful day!

Sherrill said...

10 min. each time you're out in the lounge chair will, in time, take care of those blinding white legs!! HAHA

Candace said...

I have to laugh (sorry) about the white leg scenario, Annie! We call it flourescent white and we have it bad after our cold and wet spring. This year I decided I would have to wear mine proudly or stay inside covered up - LOL! Mini has a tail just like our Sophie only her's is half that long! Don't all cats like Frosty?

Kate said...

I'm so glad that I still have a child young enough to eat Frosted Flakes or I'd never get any and they are one of my favorites.

Vivian said...

I'm a frugal (cheap) gal at heart, and I tend to order water when we eat out. I just don't like to deal with those escalating beverage costs.
When we were in Germany, I never was able to order "free" water. Every place we ate had bottled water, no other option, and of course, there's nothing free about that.