Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Sept 27, 2011

Another bunch of Orts, in this case flotsam and jetsam of my week that land here each week.
  • When you've had a blister on your toe for 10 days, can you pop it?  I'm afraid to!
  • Computer problems at work have resulted in far too many stressful hours for months now.  Our database crashed totally on Thursday and luckily our tech guy was able to get it back after about 3 hours of work on Friday.  A new server has been ordered but until it gets here it is "fingers crossed" every day.  Not fun.
  • No matter which practice management program Dr. P and I look at and how many different ways they work the numbers, it all adds up to about $6000 a year for a medical office billing and scheduling program.  And of course that does not include the price of new computers/routers, installation of same, or any future software upgrades.  Sheesh. 
  • Traffic rant:  Drivers who realize they need to turn, but just maddeningly drift from the far right lane across two lanes to the left turn lane in half a block, without signaling and in no apparent hurry, making the rest of us have to hit our brakes.  Why can't they just go up to the next block and turn? 
  • In the interest of moving more (i.e., getting up from sitting), this weekend I made about 30 trips in and out of the garage to the box of fall decor items instead of bringing the box in the house.  Wish I'd worn a pedometer to keep track of my mileage.
  • Our volunteer corn plant has grown a lot.

  • I wouldn't describe it as lush, and I don't believe it will produce fruit, but it is pretty with its tassels.  Another is about to burst forth.  Grant thinks we should cut it down but I'm not ready to--I like it! 


Shay said...

To get actual corn you're going to need some cross pollination to occur, or at least that's what goggle tells me. (You thought I was finally going to come clean with some actual gardening knowledge didn't you after all my protests about having ten black fingers ?)

You really should wait for that blister to pop itself . Im amazed it's lasted that long!

Candace said...

Ugh - blisters! I once worked for a psychiatrist who was looking at medical billing programs - I think he's still handwriting his billings - really - lol!! I love your volunteer corn, Annie - all you need to add for fall is a scarecrow and some pumpkins!

Stephanie D. said...

I'm with Candace--use it for Halloween!