Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

Orts are leftover bits, scraps--in this case, thoughts that land here on Tuesdays..
  • We held a garage sale on Sunday to help raise some extra money for the wedding.  While the start was encouraging--a lady was on the driveway before we even got our stuff all dragged out, our total earned after 2.5 hours was ONE DOLLAR.  In quarters.  Future son-in-law Chris said he either wanted to make a lot of money or only the four quarters, because the story is funny that way.  He got his wish.
  • My favorite radio station plays "Peace, Love and Sunday Morning" music, many of which are late 60's, early 70's hippie-type tunes.  DD Elaine was not impressed and commented that the music made her want to shoot herself.  I, on the other hand, knew every song.
  • Elaine and I went inside after about an hour and a half and did wedding stuff, leaving the boys to mind the (non) sales.  Those of you who have gone through this wedding planning thing know how hard it can be to assign table seating.  Elaine was using a great website called Wedding Wire that allows you to move everyone around a virtual table and assign table numbers, etc.  Pretty cool.
  • Traffic rant:  Late mergers--you know, those folks who pay no attention to the eighteen signs indicating the lane ahead is closed and therefore flip their signal and demand to be let in the open lane at the last second.
  • Last week I was having some discomfort in my leg and went to the doctor.  Dr. D said he was surprised I remembered him because he hadn't seen me in 15 years.  I replied that was not true; it was actually only 7 years.  He asked how I've been and I told him, "Healthy!".  He did make me promise to come back for a physical and I was a good girl and made an appointment for after the wedding.
  • Dr. D sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound of my leg, just to confirm his feeling that it was nothing to be worried about.  Since I work for the Physiology department of that hospital, it was probable that I would be transcribing my own study, but that isn't how it turned out.  I wondered if it would be a HIPAA privacy violation if I looked up my own report, so I didn't.
  • Dr. D called me to say the study was negative and just to take some Advil for the slight inflammation of my superficial veins.  I never expected to have problems with my veins after losing weight.
  • Since I have no completed projects to show, I present some old magic:
That's me levitating with my brother Kevin's quilt from a few years ago.  I grew two extra arms just for this feat! 

My 100 Followers giveaway is open until tomorrow night.  You can enter HERE.  I've been enjoying everyone's unusual name stories! 


Quilter Kathy said...

I do enjoy the Tuesday Orts!
I was laughing out loud about the differences in music appreciation on Sunday morning...we have the same dynamic in my house.
Bummer about the garage sale :(
Late mergers are primarily people with an inflated sense of entitlement (I will merge when I feel like it and you will comply), with a few scattered drivers who don't read signs (like my Mom!)
Now seriously, I am starting to feel more anxious about your dress for the wedding...please get it sewn so I can relax!! LOL

Shay said...

Please tell me you made more than a buck for the whole day? Although that would be a hilarious story to tell if you didn't.

Im with Elaine (Im sorry ) Mr. P assaults my ear drums with 60's and 70's hippie music all the time and it makes me want to poke something sharp in my own earhole.

How do you cope with those extra arms. Surely it makes buying clothes tricky?

Vivian said...

Please tell me your take for the entire day was more than $1.
Garage sales take so much work, and hopes are so high. How depressing if not much sold for you.
Those late mergers are probably the same ones who budged into the lunch line or any other line at school. Grrrrrr!!!!!

Kate said...

Did you really only make the 4 quarters?

I hate late mergers and have been known not to let them in line with in front of me especially if it's really slow moving. I've noticed a number of drivers do that these days.

Belinda said...

Good 'orts'!!

Yes, I too want to see some results on that wedding dress...I may begin to chew on my nails in my nervousness for you! HA!

Stephanie D. said...

I HATE when drivers think they don't have to line up like the rest of us. I will deliberately ride the bumper of the car in front of me when I see one of those bullies approaching and absolutely refuse to let them in. What really burns me is when the car in front lets them in.


Tanya said...

Oh dear, I hope the yard sale was more successful by the end of the day! What were you (not) selling?

Hope your leg is better too!