Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

The scraps and bits called orts that float around my head and land here...
  • Computer woes at work continue to plague us.  Last week I had seriously told my boss, Dr. P, that I needed to see the psychologist who works with our office. He said, concerned, "Oh, really? Do you want me to make the call?" I told Dr. P, "Yes, because I am having homicidal thoughts--against you!" I've been telling him for a year that the server would fail and it finally did. But it has a new name: Lazarus.
  • I met our computer tech at the office on Saturday for reinstall of the repaired network server and of course it would not boot up except at his shop.  After an hour involving a Google search, troubleshoot of a bad USB port and database restoration from a backup, we had success and I was finally able to leave and get to the really important event on Saturday, covering all those gray hairs work has given me!
  • Clarification of my garage sale story is apparently needed.  We did indeed ONLY earn the four quarters after 2.5 hours!!!  
  • Traffic rant:  Turn signals, people, PLEASE.  Even if you are only in a parking lot.  Really. I am not a mind reader. 
  • The lack of  Bare Bear in Paris photos is because my Dad informed me that all of those sent from my brother included Bear posed next to nude statues at the museums and Dad did not want to encourage inappropriate behavior being shown on the Internet.
  • Bride to be Elaine brought her dog Scully when we worked on wedding stuff.  He never seems to sit down at our house but runs around looking for toys and playmates.  Elaine wanted to go over some lists and came over to sit by me.  Her butt had hardly hit the floor before Scully ran over with this:
He didn't really get why she wasn't ready to play! 


Shay said...

It drives me mad when my computer wont play nicely at work. Surely the server knows I have a million things to do every day!

Glad you got those gray hairs covered! I did a bit of that myself on Friday. Age kind of sucks.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh I feel so bad for your computer woes. Computers are the boss of us!

Denise :) said...

I do understand what you mean about turn signals. It's pure selfishness. People are driving in their own little world totally unaware of anyone but themselves. *sigh* I'm sorry you're having computer woes ... hope their behind you SOON! :)

Michelle said...

Brake lights, too! :-)

Pokey said...

Love the playful pup, will you be doggy sitting during the honeymoon?
Yea, for your Dad censoring negative nudies, lol

Kate said...

I think we all have serious love/hate relationships with our computers. It's amazing now what you can't do if the computer is down.