Friday, November 18, 2011


That's what I've got to show in the sewing/quilting vein--Nothing Quilt Related.  Every day I planned to sew and every day I didn't!   Here's a recap of my busy week:
Monday:  My birthday.   I had a lot of transcription work in the morning, then had to run to the bank for DD Erica, then to the store to get ingredients to make a cheesecake, then back home to meet DD Elaine to sort through all the unsold garage sale items and the leftover wedding decor.  After that I ran to meet my mom at her recently departed dear friend's house to look at some clothing and sewing items I might want.  Following that Grant and I went out to dinner for my birthday, then stopped at the mall to get my present--a pair of UGGS for my perpetually cold feet.  When I came home I was so tired I laid down on the bed for a minute to pet the cat before making a cheesecake I planned to take to work, but fell asleep for like two and a half hours before getting up to get ready for bed.  No sewing.
Tuesday:  Back to work after my "day off".  Busy busy day, stopped to buy backing fabric for Nana Girl quilt.  Washed and ironed fabric.  No sewing.
Wednesday:  Another busy busy work day.  Got home at an okay time, ate dinner, washed a crapload of dishes and cleaned the kitchen, sorted through all the garage sale items and listed them for the donation truck arriving the next day, while the cream cheese softened for my recipe.  Got a phone call from my last brother with LATE birthday wishes, and started making the cheesecake at 10:30 pm.  Finally went to bed around midnight once the cheesecake cooled enough to put in the fridge.  No sewing.
Thursday: Plenty of work at both jobs, even ran during my lunch half-hour to pick up a tape from my former Job #3 boss who I occasionally still type for.  Grant went to dinner with a friend so I, after leaving work after 7 pm, went clothes shopping.  Got home after 8:30, ate leftovers at 9:00, admired my newly empty family room, pottered about, looked at a few blogs, and climbed into bed at 10:30 to read.  No sewing.
Today, Friday:  Woke up at 3:30 a.m. and could not get back to sleep.  Got up around 4, sat at my sewing machine for awhile working on quilt backing MATH and a mending project for Elaine.  Tried to sleep on the couch from about 5 to 7, mostly fitfully.  Got up, wrestled with the new format for echocardiograms at Job #1, busy busy day at Job #2, left there at 5:30 pm, watched a movie with Grant, ate dinner, and here I am blogging with you folks.  Still no sewing, too tired tonight.  But I do have pictures to share.

I snuck away for a quick lunch today at a nearby seafood restaurant and ate my favorite giant fish taco outside, enjoying the brief sunshine and a peekaboo view of the ocean before a storm blew in.  Sorry, I didn't pull out my camera until my taco was half eaten so no pic of that.

The restaurant is boat shaped and quite popular with locals and tourists alike.  It was a Japanese restaurant for years but I never went to it then. This is in the older part of town once filled with homes built in the late 1800's to mid teens; the area is now a mixture of historic homes, hotels and motels, apartments, rentals and businesses of all types, hugging the bluff above the sea. The taller building behind it is craftsman style condos that went up just a couple of years ago.

Right next door is this beautiful Victorian cottage that has been restored to picture perfect.  A crew is working on the house next to it--you can see the Tyvek house wrap toward the back of the house.  Can't wait to see how that one turns out.

Tomorrow I'm determined to put stitches in something, anything!


Darlene said...

Whew - I bet you're exhausted. Busy, busy days.

Love the restored Victorian cottage.

Candace said...

I do know the feeling, Annie! Thanks for the great pictures, though - as I sit here looking at snow falling out my own window, I can glance back at your sunny day! Happy sewing today!

Denise :) said...

Wow! You had a madcap week, didn't you?!? Love the boat restaurant -- how fun is that? I think we had neighbors that had a boat that looked sort of like that when I was growing up! LOL! Get in some sewing girl -- it'll make all things better! :)

Lindah said...

Well, you had A. Week. I hope the next one is not so hectic --even tho it is Thanksgiving, perhaps it will be better. I always enjoy your photos. I'll take that little Victorian Cottage. It is so cute.

Lee said...

Happy late birthday, you've been quite busy, hope you now get time for quilty stuff. I've eaten at that restaurant! many years ago while on a church retreat. Love the look of the Victorian..would be nice to see the inside too. Happy weekend.

Shay said...

Looks like we’ve turned you Aussie Annie. Uggs are an Australian invention ( despite all the ho ha to the contrary!)

Love the cottage. In fact my first thought was that it looked like the house used in the movie Top Gun.

Banaghaisge said...

I am worn out just reading what you did this week!!!
Happy birthday, too. It sounds like you had a lovely one. My family manage to spread birthdays out for a week (or two) - it is much nicer than just ONE SINGLE day!!!
Did you post about that lovely cottage when it was being done up? Feel like I have seen it before (and haven't seen Top Gun so it isn't that!). And I love the 'double story' looking attic. So unusual. Here, nobody has attics. Or basements.
Echocardiogram - hope your cardiologist doesn't take TWO months to send out reports as happened to me in June. Which fortunately didn't show any cardio abnormalisites but did find, as an aside, the 10 cm cyst on my liver.
Hooray, I have a date with a surgeon - Nov 28. Wonder how big it is now? S4, Marshall, worked out the volume of it... 2L...
Hugs, xxxx

Tanya said...

Happy Belated birthday! Hope the cheesecake turned out nicely. I will start wearing my Uggs this week too. Be thinking of you!

Stephanie D. said...

What a week! Makes me think about a nap just reading it!

What flavor was the cheesecake?

Kate said...

Happy Birthday a bit late. Hope your weekend was more relaxing than your week.

Mary said...

Whew! I hope your world settles down enough for you to enjoy the holiday season and do some sewing. Happy belated birthday.

Sarah said...

Yikes - I'm exhausted reading about your week. I hope your weekend was more restful.