Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--11/22/11

Tuesday's orts--the bits of thoughts and happenings of my week that land here.
  • My sewing machine also had a birthday last week.  DH Grant bought it for my 40th birthday so it is a decade old--a Husqvarna "Lily".  It is a really good machine which has never needed any repairs, thank goodness, and has only had an occasional spa day. 
  • Thanksgiving dinner shopping was pretty painless as I went to Trader Joe's and Target late on Saturday night.  But when I got home with three cartons of turkey gravy I got to thinking--is six cups of gravy enough for 21 people? 
  • I shop late at night mostly due to C.O.W. (crabby old woman) tendencies towards misbehaving/whining kids/crying babies.  I did act in a big buttinski way towards two kids about 5 and 7 who had gotten bored and were on the floor wrestling and hitting each other while their parents were down a nearby aisle looking at Christmas lights.  I didn't really mean to be so intrusive but found myself saying, after they ignored a pointed stare, "You guys better stop that RIGHT NOW".  The dad popped his head out from the aisle and told them to get up.  I quickly wheeled my cart away muttering something about "someone was going to get hurt".  Moo!
  • Son Nick slept badly the other night when he was away at a hotel.  His girlfriend told him he said, in his sleep, "Oh, CRAP".  Nick told me it must have been during an elaborate dream he had about going bowling with Steven Seagal and losing badly.   
  • Traffic rant:  There is no excuse for parking in a Handicapped Only spot without a placard or license plate giving permission to do so. Especially if there are 15 other open spots within feet of your tricked out, lowered import car with loud booming music pouring out the open windows, you young idiot.
  • Grant is left-handed, which means he folds clothes backwards opposite from how I do.  He also puts soda cans in the fridge dispenser backward opposite from me.  Also the butter knife is faced backwards opposite on top of the butter dish.
  • I was reading through some saved gmail chats between DD Elaine and me over the past months while all the wedding planning was going on.  I miss those chats!  We had some pretty hilarious exchanges.

Two years ago this week I brought home a souvenir from the Sydney, Australia airport, on my way home from Queensland, where I watched my Aussie friend Susie marry her mate Jon at their beautiful home in Port Douglas.  This cute little sheila cheers me on as I sew...Oi! Oi! Oi!


Libby said...

Don't get me started on misbehaving children or more properly their uninvolved, unaware, self-absorbed parents *ugh*

Lorri said...

I am laughing out loud! I totally agree with you and glad you set them straight.

Sarah said...

I wouldn't call myself a craby old woman yet but misbehaving/whining kids in stores drive me nuts. Is this a sign that I have lived alone too long? An occasional grumpy kid (we all have our days!) is one thing but allowing them to wrestle in the aisle is another...

Lucky you to have been to Australia - I was there in 1990(?) and it seems like soooo long ago.

Quilter Kathy said...

OMG...I needed that laugh today! I am very much a C.O.W. when shopping. Thanks for the orts!

Belinda said...

NO! 6 cups of gravy is NOT enough! Especially if you will be having a few in your group like we have in ours who have NO manners and will probable use 2 cups on their plate in the first go around!

Grocery store...whining miss-behaving children....OH YES, I can relate!!!

Stephanie said...

Left handed people are in their right mind. I trained my husband when we first got married how to fold the sheets with me--my way which is the right way! I'm left handed. :o)

Shay said...

It's nice to know Steven Seagal is still getting work- even if it is only in Nicks's dreams.

Hear Hear! on your rant about the inappropriate use of disability parking spaces. That annoys me beyond belief too.

Ummmm I think you need more gravy!

Lee said...

Love your Tuesday Orts...I think I'd have been a worse COW with the dad of the little monsters...for the life of me, I don't know why parents take children to the stores and then not teach them an appropriate way of behaving in public!!! If you run out of gravy, grab a can of chicken broth and mix in a tablespoon or two of cornstarch and, using a whisk, heat it till it thickens - beats 'running out', both of gravy and to get more ;)

Candace said...

Hah - great orts today, Annie - especially the kids in the market - arghhhh!!! I'd stay home the rest of the week (wink)!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to "Lily". Did she get a good cleaning and oil job for her birthday?

Love the COW rant. My Mom is right there with you. She manages a Hallmark store, you should hear her stories.

Did you ever decide if 6 cups of gravy was enough for 21 people? I can't imagine!

Banaghaisge said...

You know how kids throw those tanties (umm tantrums) in supermarkets cos you wont let them put 40,000 lots of lollies/cake/biscuits/etc in the trolley? Once when S3 & S4 were at that stage, I just HAD ENOUGH. So I chucked myself down on the floor - in the supermarket - and had a sob and a kick and scream. Just like them.
They were both "Get UP Mum, people are looking" - and the rest!!!!
They never did it again.
Which was good so I never had to do it again either...
Two years since you were here. Goodness, doesn't time FLY!!!!

quiltmom said...

Does this mean you just celebrated a birthday this week. My birthday is today and my husband has in the past bought a sewing machine for me for my birthday. It is a little Elna's quilter's Dream and I really love that little machine.
Hope that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Mary said...

Your post made me smile this morning. Did you say 21 for dinner? Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephanie D. said...

I'm with you totally on the handicap parking spaces. Being married to a truly disabled man probably makes me hypersensitive to the issue, but I've been known to yank a shopping cart out of the space and thrust it behind the car of the driver who just rudely and lazily left it there.