Forgot a few orts

Sometimes I have trouble when I actually sit down to compose my Tuesday's Orts post.  I think I'll remember things to include but then they fly out of my head when faced with a blank page.  Surely I'm not the only one this happens to!
  • On the Monday "holiday", I had to go in to the office because a new system needed to be installed--only because the installer was subsequently going out of town for 10 days.  So guess who volunteered to be there for what turned out to be 2.5 hours...
  • Afterwards I did a couple errands and then stopped by my Mom & Dad's because I was hungry and Mom always feeds me.  She tried to give me hummus, which I hate, or microwaved bacon. Sheesh! We went out instead to CPK and split our usual pizza and salad.
  • It was noted by the boss's wife that some newly printed checks (order form NOT filled out by her but by bank staff) state that we are a "Pofessional" Corporation. 
  • Remember that nice new used car Grant bought on New Year's Eve?  Well, we sold my aging one over the weekend in less than a half hour of parking it on a main drag.  Amazing at what speed a low priced vehicle brings attention.
  • Planning a getaway.  Wish me luck, since it involves Grant getting on a plane, something he is terribly UN-fond of.
  • The 18th anniversary of the awful Northridge (Los Angeles) earthquake was yesterday. My sister Kathy and her two kids were out from Missouri visiting when it occurred. Nice timing, right?  Though we had no damage to speak of in our area, the power was out most of the day.  So we took the all the cousins to the park to play.

L to R: our brother Kevin's boys Jeff (4, who hated having his picture taken), and Matt (7, imitating his brother), my Erica (3 3/4, not looking at the camera), Kathy's Caitlin (4, boy those Midwestern kids are pale), my Elaine (6, with her cute holey smile), Kathy's Jake (5 1/2, getting ready to REALLY make a funny face), and my Nick (8, who found that superhero guy in the sand and was stoked).  Hard to believe it was so long ago!


Quilter Kathy said…
Yippee....the orts are continuing into Wednesdays now!!
That must have been a very noisy time in the extended family development...all those kids around the same age! How fun!
Elaine said…
Of course I'm the only one politely smiling at the camera...
Vivian said…
I can just imagine the yelling and laughing and screaming that came out of those young lungs at the same time. Looks like a great group, and how quickly the years pass.
Denise :) said…
Gosh, will you get comp time for that 2.5 hours? Where are you thinking of flying for your getaway?!? Sounds like fun!! Love the pic of all the kids ... time does fly, doesn't it?!? :)
Shay said…
Congrats on selling your car so quickly.

Cant you dose Grant up with some happy pills and get him on a plane that way ?

And yes - those kids are a cute bunch and I bet it's hard to believe they aren't kids anymore.
Kate said…
I too loose things when faced with a blank page, most notably when My Guy asks for me to write out the grocery list!

I remember being able to get together with cousins, pictures where not the priority. But isn't it fun to have them as they were, personality and all?
Tanya said…
I like the check mess up! :)

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