Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Quote

Glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly; Cincinnati museum.


carol fun said...

I'd put it in storage containers LOL. Actually I don't want it all, just a few special things.
I recognized that glass from the Cincinnati Art museum. Its fabulous!

Janet O. said...

Love Chihuly!

Candace said...

His work is so incredible! I have a Chihuly student piece from a street fair in Fremont, WA from many years ago - before he hit the big time - I wonder if it's one of those pieces that will hit big on Antiques Roadshow one day - LOL!

Donna Becker said...

Chihuly's show here at the Dayton Art Institute (Ohio) a few years ago was just the best. We went back several times just to lie on the floor looking up at the ceiling of glass vessels. It was like colored starlight! Amazing.
And, believe me, if I could ever afford a Chihuly piece, I would definitely find a place for it!

Vivian said...

I recognize the style but didn't know the artist's name. (I can remember quilt designers and book authors, but glass artists? Nope.) Some day I hope to see his work in person.

Shay said...

That's amazing and so beautiful.

Love the quote for this week. It's so true!