Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events from my week that land here.
  • My husband bought his Mom some candy and a card for Valentine's Day but forgot to give it to her a few days after at my mom's birthday party.  She later told him on the phone, "Just give it to me next year".  That's wonderful optimism for a 93 year old lady, don't you think?
  • Traffic Rant:  Drivers who first hesitate to get going and then slowly cruise forward on a green turn light, ensuring that the car behind them (me!) will not make it through the intersection and have to wait a whole 'nother light cycle.
  • Somehow my wardrobe is polarized between business and "can't-leave-the-house-in-this" clothes.  I have nothing for Date Night.  But face it, we are homebodies who rarely go out!
  • DD Erica is coming home this weekend from AZ for the first time since Christmas.  There is a lot of spillover stuff piled in her room that needs shifting before she gets here. 
  • Shots with my little camera that has trouble with low light sometimes results in unexpectedly interesting photos, such as this recent one of the sunset at the beach:

I have no idea how that line of stitching ended up across the scene.


Libby said...

I 'see' someone walking from right to left with head bowed.

Janet O. said...

We must have the same wardrobe! : )
Very interesting photo. I betcha couldn't do that again if you tried!

Sarah said...

I'm also a homebody and don't have very many dress up clothes - I tend to wear them over and over...hope nobody notices.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a very cool photo! A stitched sunset!

Shay said...

I have a wardrobe that has lots of casual clothes and I wear them everywhere - even to work. Mr. P often laments the fact he isnt allowed to wear "going to the beach " type clothes to work .

I LOVE your MIL's optimism!

Marg said...

Very interesting photo, aren't you clever!
I have a few clothes for going out but very rarely if ever wear them.

Vivian said...

My wardrobe seems to have deteriorated into a couple of extremes too. One is the weddings-and-funerals wardrobe, and sadly funerals are outnumbering the weddings lately.
The average person might imagine a mystery UFO or a strange light show from a cosmic force in your photo. We quilters just see stitches.

Denise :) said...

Time for one date-night outfit!! For me it's 'church' clothes and the same kind of "bum around the camp" clothes. I so understand!! Hey -- I like the new look of your blog, too! :)

Candace said...

Like you new background, Annie! Sounds like our wardrobes are identical except I gave all my work clothes away when I retired and didn't "gain" any date night clothes for all those nights we stay at home - lolol! Have a great time with your daughter this weekend!

Tanya said...

I like your stitched sunset too! Wow! I wish I could do something so beautiful!