Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midwest Travels--Part V, Finale

My sister left for home on Monday after the International Quilt Festival and Cousin Florence took a last photo of our trio.  We had a wonderful time together and look forward to repeating it next year.

Afterwards, Mom, Florence and I headed out for some lunch and shopping nearby and made our plans for my final day. My flight was out of Louisville late the next afternoon and Florence wanted to take us to a Gothic cathedral across the river in Covington, Kentucky, so we were up and out the door by mid morning.

This is St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica, designed after Notre Dame and of course is infinitely smaller, but look how big next to that school bus!

As we walked from the parking lot, this group of kids in costume was exiting the school.  Florence first said "Peter Pan", but then noticed Friar Tuck, so this must be Robin Hood.  Aren't they cute in their garb?

There is no way my small camera could properly reveal the extreme size and beauty of this church.  It was breathtaking.  The ceiling is over 80 feet high and the 80+ stained glass windows fill the space with light and color.  Notice the bus load full of children at the base of the columns in the lower left, getting their tour.   

Beautiful Rose windows appear on two sides--each over 25 feet wide.  Two huge organs are also part of the structure and must sound amazing when played.

The stations of the Cross were made in Italy and created out of tens of thousands of mosaic tiles.

See the incredible shading and detail in their beauty.

The stained glass was made in Munich and each was sponsored by a different family, who have loved ones' names incorporated into the bottom of the image.

Carvings on every wooden column and incredible light everywhere make this an inspiring place.

Outside, the massive stone is capped by gargoyles.

Here on the front of the Basilica you can see the resemblance to Notre Dame.  I had never been to a Gothic cathedral and despite its surprising address, was really glad to know such a church exists in this country.  We got back on the road for Louisville, Kentucky and a planned lunch at The Brown Hotel.

Very impressive restoration was done over the past 20 years on this hotel built in the Roaring 20s.  Look at the size of this urn!

This is the second floor lounge with the bar at the far end.  Florence and some family members had dined there on a previous visit and greatly enjoyed themselves, but we headed downstairs to the cafe, where Florence tried the hotel specialty, a Hot Brown.  She deemed it very tasty but said she would not be making one--it is thoroughly calorie laden!  Finally, I was let off at the airport to wait for my flight and the long trip back.  Luckily the plane was not full and there was an empty seat between me and my seat mate.  On the nearly five hour ride to Las Vegas, I think the gentleman was awake for about 1/2 an hour of it, and didn't say a word when he was, except to the attendant.  At least he did not snore!  I worked on my hand quilting and as I reported, put the final stitches in during that flight.  It was good to get back to my honey and home.

I waited to unpack until the next day, and here is my swag:  Some fat quarters, repro charms, Aurifil thread, new pins, more fat quarters of Chez Moi Boutique (so excited to find those!), and the Crazy Quilted Memories book that was the start to the IQF adventure story.

I have wanted one of these weighted pincushion scrap bags for ages, even had a printout from an online tutorial, but when I saw the price of only $10, I snapped it up.  I also found that my baggage had been searched and I wonder if it was this item that caused the need to inspect?  LOL 


Janet O. said...

That church is amazing. DD#1 has been to Italy a couple of times and her photos of the tile mosaics fascinated me. Didn't know there were any in this country.

carol fun said...

Oh I'm glad you liked the Basilica - it is gorgeous. I made my Confirmation in this church back in 1960's. It is an awe inspiring place. Sounds like you had a good time in Cincinnati. It is a great place and I'm happy it is my home. Maybe next year we can meet at the show- it would be fun!

Cynthia L. said...

I am not a religious person, but I love old churches. This one is really beautiful! It sounds like you had a really good trip! You look very happy! I love your swag!

McIrish Annie said...

FAbulous photos of the church!
don't you love when they search your luggage? did they leave a little note, "oh btw, TSA has looked at your undies! Have a nice day!"

Kate said...

Beautiful church! Thanks for sharing.

Glad you are home and recovering. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Marg said...

It looks about the same size as Notre Dame, when you look at the school bus out the front. It looks huge inside. What a beautiful church.

Shay said...

Im starting with the hotel. That's totally my style (if only I had a house big enough to fit in so many gorgeous chairs and lounges !

The cathedral is pretty darn impressive. The stained glass is just beautiful.