Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nearly There!

I've been working on the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt for my brother Ted, with quilting, quilting, quilting sessions all week.  This is the last corner to complete and will probably take another hour plus.  I'm on my fifth or sixth bobbin at this point--good thing I bought a spool with 875 yards on it!  The binding is not yet made but will be scrappy, cut from leftover teal fabric.  I'm looking forward to finishing this quilt and getting back to some piecing. 

Ted emailed me after my last post to say he likes potatoes, and informing me that I would be required to deliver the quilt in person.  Well, okay then.  Plans are being made for a road trip to AZ soon!


Vivian said...

I'm guessing you're seeing the coffee bean quilting design in your dreams. I love the rich yet cozy colors in this quilt. It won't be long before we'll see the finished quilt in all its glory.

A road trip with a quilt in the back seat, ready for delivery, sounds like a great plan.

Janet O. said...

So near the end of a project--must be a good feeling!
Looking good!

Michele said...

I have seen potato fabric out there! Only one kind! Isn't this a coffee quilt? There is much more variety in coffee fabric though. He's going to love it and enjoy your visit I'm sure :-)

carol fun said...

It is looking great and the end is in sight -I think a road trip to deliver this will be fun. Happy Easter!