Sunday, April 8, 2012

After the Egg Hunt, Let The Binding Begin

Living on a cul de sac for the past 20 years means we know our neighbors and have watched them all play on the street constantly.  For the past several years our neighborhood organizer extraordinaire has set up an egg hunt, hiding eggs on every yard and of course making some firm rules.  The kids love it.  Here they are all lined up at the end of the cul de sac, ready for the word GO.

The bigger kids ran immediately for farther houses but the little ones stayed close to mom or dad.

The dad in this case grew up on the block and is now bringing his girls to Grandma's for the Egg Hunt.  Aren't they sweet in their little dresses and Mary Janes?   It was fun to watch the kids as they raced and searched the block.  After going inside and having breakfast I got back to my sewing machine, ready for piecing.

It seems I'd nearly forgotten my word for the year, which is FOCUS. Being easily distractible is a hazard of the modern age, I fear. However, last night I did strap myself into my sewing chair and knock out that last corner of the quilting on my brother's quilt in less than an hour. Today the binding was cut, assembled and pressed. 

I must make a clarification on my last post--this is a coffee themed quilt, but some of the quilted coffee beans look more like potatoes, hence my brother's comment that he likes potatoes.  Sorry for the bit of confusion!   The binding will get attached after I return from vacation--I'm flying off Wednesday to meet up with my sister in St. Louis for our road trip to Cincinnati and the International Quilt Festival.  Mom will meet us there and we'll stay with our cousin Florence again.  So excited!


Vivian said...

It sounds like the neighborhood Easter egg hunt is quite the memory maker.
Whether he thinks he's looking at coffee beans or potatoes, your brother will love the quilt. It's looking great, and the colors are yummy. How clever of you to have that binding ready to go when you get back from the road trip.
Safe travels.

Pokey said...

Enjoy your trip, Annie, what fun to get to go again with family!

Dawn said...

Great neighborhood hunt - sweet children.
Your quilt & binding are great.
Travel safe and have LOTS of fun!!

Barb said...

I am sure everyone had a fun time, it must be nice to know your neighborhood...

Love the quilt!