Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and happenings that land here.
  • I helped my older brother Kevin write a syllabus for a class he was approached to develop and teach--he doesn't type very fast and it would take him many hours.  When asked why he is adding another commitment to his workweek (one full-time teaching job, one-part time teaching job, plus full-time owner/mechanic of his own shop), he said he tried to say "No", but somehow it came out "OK, I'll do it".
  • Kevin teaches auto shop at a local high school.  He told me he spent 15 minutes giving the class in his best Donald Duck voice a couple of weeks ago, which he is very good at.  The kids loved it. 
  • Things I Don't Understand:  I went to Burger King's drive through for lunch break and ordered a Chicken Caesar salad.  The voice on the other end asked me what kind of dressing I wanted.  Really?
  • Some calorie burning MUST be taking place during all these Personal Weather Systems I am experiencing:  take off the jacket, take off the scarf, put the hair up.  Cool off too much.  Put on the jacket, scarf, take down the hair.  Repeat 10 cycles per day. And night.
  • One night this week, every time I was awakened by a PWS I had the John Denver song Back Home Again running through my head.  No idea why, haven't heard it in years.  I do like that song, though!
  • We visited a longtime friend this past weekend and refamiliarized ourselves with his amazing views:

Backyard views looking towards Ojai.  

Citrus trees in the frontyard, loaded with fruit.  We took home a bunch of oranges. Yum.


Janet O. said...

Oh, I can so relate to the PWS experiences. : )
Love John Denver. So glad I finally got to see him in concert before he died!

Shay said...

I wish I’d had a teacher who did character voices. Donald Duck teaching auto shop. I’d be there in a flash.

Im guilty of saying Yes when I mean No – all the time ! It must be some kind of virus.

Love those views. My parents live in a citrus growing region too.

Michele said...

Great orts today! Looks like you had a nice visit over tne weekend :-)

Michele said...

Oops I mean "the". Sorry I'm on my iPad at the soccer field in the sun.

Kate said...

PWS hmmm, that works and I so know what you mean!

Lorraine said...

Ha ha .....have just taken off the jacket I put on 10 minutes ago....I am sure it will be back on once the power surge subsides!

Candace said...

I applaud your brother for being so ambitious, Annie - and you for helping him - what a nice sister you are! Oh, yeah - that calorie burning adds up! Gorgeous yard - who wouldn't want all those oranges right outside your door!

Mary said...

Your friend does have spectacular views. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Tanya said...

I'm like your brother. "Why did I say I'd do that again after I'd finally gotten everyone to believe I wouldn't do that again!"

Quilter Kathy said...

I can't even imagine being able to pick oranges off a tree! Great photos!