Sunday, September 30, 2012

September UFO Update

No finishes for me, but I came pretty close!  The UFO pick of the month I switched out for my Any Witch Way quilts that have made so many appearances this month (pattern from Quiltmaker magazine, Sept/Oct 2009).

Quilt sandwich stage for #1.  This one I have offered to my daughter Elaine--she has a new house to decorate, after all!  It needs quilting and binding.

The second quilt top is complete as far as sewing is concerned, but the lady witches need their eyebrows and eyelashes.  I had misplaced--in the mess that is my sewing room--the eyebrow stencil I had used, but found it again.  The backing and binding strips are ready to sew but I haven't touched my machine for two days since we have been busy painting.  Both quilts I am determined to finish ASAP!

Judy picked #6 for the October UFO, which is a bit ironic for me since I was going to switch any other number picked for #6!  I had already decided that October is going to be a "quilting only" month, since I have quite a stack of sandwiches and tops that need to be quilted, like this one, which has been waiting for a year or more. 

I'm considering trying some feathers on this one since it is already pretty busy both front and back and less likely to show my amateurish attempts.  I won these blocks from Nicole's (Sister's Choice Quilts) giveaway several years ago and just love the colors and prints.  Way past time for this to be come a "Real Quilt", don't you agree?


Kathie said...

oh I think feathers on that quilt will be perfect go for it!
pretty fabrics.
the halloween quilt has me smiling!

Janet O. said...

Your "Witches" quilts are so fun!
Pick #6 looks like it will be a good place to attempt feathers. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines--I'm still too chicken to put any on a real quilt. I need to practice them a whole lot more.

Quilter Kathy said...

Agreed! I look forward to following your progress this month and hope to be inspired :)

Kate said...

You made great progress last month on your witches. Good luck with all your "quiting" this month.

Stephanie D said...

Now how did I miss you were making TWO of them??

I double love them!