Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Working On Wednesday

My foray into the retail world with the senior's craft shop began last week with a training session shift.  I had made four small cuddle quilts to start with, received instruction in how to label them for sale, and they were put out on the shelf right away.  All the other rules and guidelines were detailed and I was put to vacuuming, opening the security door and turning on the door alarm, and learning all the other ins and outs of the biz.  The shop has been in existence for over 30 years in the same location, a true success!  Though we only sold one item during the 3.5 hour shift, I was responsible for writing it up and taking the money.  Meanwhile, I got to know the two older ladies training me, and as is often the case among people who live in a town for a long time, it is a small world.  Both ladies were former teachers, and one worked at the elementary school I attended, though a few years after I had passed through.   We reminisced about all the teachers there, good and bad, and enjoyed telling stories. 

Though my main pieces for sale will be quilted items, the ladies worked on embroidery and crochet projects while we talked and encouraged me to bring some handwork next time--especially for slow periods!  I thought that since the shop is downtown where all the tourists are, some souvenir type item might be a good choice.  I remembered I had a few small embroidery kits around. 

Ventura is known as The Poinsettia City so this small decoration seemed appropriate, with some revision.  I got out my collection of alphabet books but in the end went with the same style as the kit, making up my own "V".  The black backstitch detail on the flower I did not think necessary, especially for how much I am likely to price this in order to sell.  I also graphed out a cross-stitched, three color stylized poinsettia which will be faster to stitch.  This 99 cent embroidery kit included a length of wire and instructions for making the little hanger and I'll be copying that idea for my souvenirs.  Cross-stitch was my first love and I really enjoy working with needle and thread that way.  I have a duplicate kit to this one so will bring it with me for the second of my three training sessions this afternoon.  I'm curious to see if any of my items sold and in the meantime will get to know a different set of ladies.  Wish me luck!


Kathie said...

good luck! I am sure your little quilts will sell.
table runners, christmas ornaments al that kind of stuff sells
keep us posted

Libby said...

Back in my days of cross stitch, I always balked at the outlining step . . . by the time I got there I was just ready to be done!
Your pieces are sure to sell - just the type of thing tourists LOVE.

Candace said...

Good luck, Annie! People will love your work!

Quilter Kathy said...

This is a fun adventure! Enjoy!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Good luck! I love the little cross-stitch and so will your customers; it's SEW cute!

Kate said...

Love your little souvenir. Now I know why you said you needed to find some new handwork. Good luck with your new adventure.