Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spooky Things

The crooked Haunted House slowly came together over the past few days.  It has been a long time since so many fused pieces appeared in a piece I've made--and this being my own composition and design meant decision making, drawing, and repositioning.

Before fusing.

And after fusing and trimming to size. 

The moon is a crackle fabric I just love.  Wish I had yards of it!  The instructions for the fusible product Steam a Seam2 say that sewing is not needed to seal the edges, and since this wallhanging is not likely to get a lot of handling, I'm inclined not to.  Perhaps just a backing, no batting, and a simple hanging sleeve at the top?  Opinions welcome. 

My spiderweb designer daughter, Erica, has been in town this week on fall break from she is being photobombed by her dad.

Trying out a cobweb mustache.

And relaxing on the lawn with Russell after completing her front porch creation.

Another masterpiece of spookiness!


Shay said...

Im all about making it easy and if you're turning this beauty into a wall hanging I'd say it doesn't need batting. Your call though since I am definitely no expert!

That's one spooky porch ...

Vivian said...

Great wallhanging. You have some sweet seasonal fabrics in there. I don't make many w.hangings, but I usually use Steam-A-Seam 2 when I do. I have good luck with the edges, just as the instructions say. Stitching I add is just for the look of it.

The cobwebs look creepy cool. Will they last till Halloween?

Quilter Kathy said...

Very cool decoration with the spider webs!
And a great halloween block!
I always stitch down the edges because they really do loosen up over time.

Joyful Quilter said...

Your haunted house is very cute! I would not be able to resist putting some quilting in or embroidery..a face in the moon, shingles on the roof, a coffin in the grass.

Janet O. said...

Very cute original design, Annie! I love the crackle fabric, too. I have some left in greens and browns.
I have only made one thing with SteamaSeam2 and I did a blanket stitch around the edges just because I love the look, but it didn't need it to adhere the design at all.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You're safe without edge stitching, unless it would get a lot of use; your design is adorable. Love, love, love the spiderwebs... I was a teeny, weeny bit scared by all your spookiness! ;)

Marg said...

That's a fabulous design, can't help you with the batting question. If you have batting you'll need to quilt it, do you want to quilt it?
The cobwebs look great.

Angie said...

Your wicked house and bat are just too cute. :) Your daughter is beautiful, and it looks like they've done an awesome job decorating for you. I love it. :d

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Cute house design. My experience with Steam-a Seam is if it gets handled a lot it may start to come apart but can be ironed back down. So, just depends on how you will use it.


Kathie said...

must be nice to have her home for a week
looking forward to thanksgiving when ours come home for a week
love the web designs :)

Sarah said...

Can I borrow your daughter to do a spider web on my porch? How fun to make the kids duck under the web for their candy :)

Stephanie D said...

I haven't done much fusible applique, and what I have done, I stitched the edges because I like it, or because I didn't trust it not to ravel, or I was going to quilt it. I know, not much help.

If Eric should want to fly east for Hallowe'en, I could certainly use her help. How does she feel about cobwebbing the entire front of a house? lol