Thursday, January 3, 2013

Piecing and Posing

Once the holidays were concluded and some necessary tasks taken care of (i.e., holiday greetings finally mailed and the tree taken down), I could comfortably return to my regular programming in the sewing room.  So nice to return to piecing again.

A few rows for the chevron tablerunner are complete.  Next time I use the triangle-square cutting die, I think I will use the cut pieces as flying geese wings since this many HSTs was a lot to deal with in 2" finished size.  Of course, that would mean cutting a separate shape for the geese, which sort of defeats the purpose of the HST die cutter, but overall time would still be saved in not having to match quite so many seams while piecing. And I could use the 2.5" die to cut the geese bodies' length anyway! Ha. 

And here we see that quilt MATH has flattened me again.  I should have gone with my first instinct and cut the background shapes at 3.5" wide for these pinwheels, and not 3.25".  However, I did make this sample block first before cutting the rest of my rectangles, so only have to redo ONE block, and not 12. Take THAT, quilt MATH. Ha again.

The Posing part of this post is all Mini.  She walked in from the back door when Erica let her in the other day and promptly hopped in the laundry basket.  Photography was tolerated and she stayed in the basket for at least ten minutes.  Silly cat!

 Last night she came in after dinner and hopped in the basket we throw the used newspapers into.  Again photography was tolerated and she spent about ten minutes in the basket...

...followed by another ten or fifteen minutes in the shirt box.  It was a little more difficult for her to fit in there, but the tissue paper rustled enticingly.  And now, back to sewing!


Lorraine said...

LOL at the cat! and quilt maths are not good companions...takes me ages to work out measurements so like you I usually cut and piece one block first...Nice to get back to regular "programming" after the holidays!

quiltmom said...

Our cat Mars loves boxes and baskets to sit and lay in- whenever something arrives in a box - she is all over it before you know it.
Happy New Year to you and yours,

Pokey said...

Love the cat poses, does she charge modeling prices? :-}

I love the decorations, but it sure is nice for normal to return. Good creativity, Annie ~

Janet O. said...

The cat is a hoot! Is this a recent behavior development or has she always liked to sit in things?

Marg said...

I love how cats just have to hop into any box or receptacle they see, no matter the size or shape. Mini's obviously enjoying how thoughtful you are at leaving things for her to hop into.

Kate said...

Mini is a cutie and so is the table runner. I agree that flying geese can be a lot easier to work with than HSTs, but I never think to make those adjustments before I start a project.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Cats and boxes...I get a kick out of them jumping in them, getting spooked for some reason. Then they jump out and act like, "Hey, it wasn't me that got spooked, it was the box. Quit looking at me!"

At fist glance, your chevrons reminded me of Charlie Brown's shirt. :)

Wouldn't math have been more fun in school if they had given us fabric and rulers with those story problems?


Shay said...

I think Mini has a future career as a cat model !

Barb said...

You have some wonderful projects going on there....and quite the camera hog.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

....'STRIKE A POSE'.....silly cat!!

LOVE the blocks! I've always liked the Chevron design!