Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round and Round

Not much sewing room activity happening around here with the new job, except for some stitching on the bus on the Greenpiece applique blocks.  But I've shown those enough!  DD Elaine was over the other night and I received a stern reminder that I only have a month to finish the baby quilt I volunteered to make for her friend.  The next step that I'd been dragging my feet on was making a template and drawing registration circles for the petals Elaine and I already cut out.  So yesterday I went to JoAnn's, bought some template plastic and got busy.

 I traced the circle but then got looking at the size listed and wondered if it was really 8 inches.
 Nope.  Quarter of an inch off.  I decided to try out the petals and see how they fit before proceeding to drawing the on the background gray Kona fabric. 
 The petals fit just fine.  On to the tracing!

I used two rulers to help with the spacing and a Frixion pen for the drawing, and soon had the 12 circles completed.  It did not occur to me until later that the difference in template size could have been from my printer, which is why the petals fit the circle.  It all doesn't matter in the end--once the petals are laid out they will be the star of the show :)  That's Elaine's task and she'll be over in a couple of days to lay them out.

And now, a word about Google Reader.  I never used Google Reader so will not miss it.  Lots of people have been talking about Bloglovin as an alternate. Upon investigation, I was surprised to see that my blog is already ON Bloglovin.  In fact, there are two entries for my blog there, each with some followers.  I have not a clue how that happened but suppose it isn't critical.  For those of you who want to subscribe by email, some weeks ago I added that feature to my sidebar.  Thank you, dear readers, for following, reading, and commenting, whichever way you do it! 


Stephanie said...

Good thing you checked your circle size. Could have been tragic!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My first thought was the printer being responsible for the size variation... ask me how I know that! ;) I love the design, it's going to be great, Annie!

Kate said...

Glad it all worked out. Best that you checked first. Hope you get in some sewing time soon.

Vivian said...

That looks like an impressive baby quilt project ahead. Thank goodness you doubled checked the size first. Happy stitching :)

Michele said...

It was smart of your to check the size of the circle with tbe petals on it. I wouldn't have thought about it :-)

Quilter Kathy said...

I don't get anything about the bloglovin thing or the subscription thing, but I'll always be visiting (the old school way LOL!)

Janet O. said...

I just had such an experience with printing something out that wasn't the right size. Good thing it won't make a difference on your quilt--it would have on mine.
I don't get bloglovin, either. I don't use Reader, but I've had some people ask for a link to follow on bloglovin, so I added that. I don't know if I was already on or not. Maybe I should have gone with the email option. Who knows?