Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tusday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here semi-regularly.
  • Unexpected nice events over the weekend included an evening reminiscing with DD Elaine and her best friend visiting from New York at her parents' house on Friday night, and then lunch on Saturday with one of my oldest friends and her husband who were passing through town on their way to a wedding.  Old Home Weekend, I guess :)
  • On Sunday I got an out of-the-blue phone call from my aunt's husband, Tommy, to whom I sent a quilt when he was sick with cancer a couple of years ago (Kitchen Sink).  He just called to tell me how much joy the quilt gave him when he was so low and ill, and how he uses the quilt all the time.  So sweet and wonderful to hear!  By the way, he's cancer free and was able to return to work for awhile before retiring on his own terms later. 

Tommy with his quilt.
  • Traffic RantThe warm fuzzy feelings somewhat counteracted the mail from the Court regarding the traffic ticket I got a couple of weeks ago (on my first day at my new job!).  The unbelievable charge for being cited for failure to stop? $490.00.    (I can hear you all gasping as I did!)
  • People watching today included an interpretative lawn dance by a homeless guy wearing headphones and twirling a cane.
  • Another plus of the new job?  My house is a lot cleaner without me being home all day and letting the animals in and out incessantly.


Janet O. said...

That is a nice call about how much your quilt meant.
YIKES--$490?!? That would buy a lot of fabric, girl!! Glad you are using public transit now.
Wish I could have seen the lawn dance. : )

McIrish Annie said...

wowzee! you should challenge the ticket. I work for an attorney and I can give you a couple of tips on how we "get around" it. let me know if you are interested and I will email you,

would have loved to see that "Interpretive lawn dance".

Just Ducky said...

Can you appear in court to contest the outrageous ticket? Sometimes a judge will waive it or at least reduce the fine if you explain the circumstances. Sound to me like the policeman was in a bad mood that day.

Lorraine said...

Yikes! That's a pretty hefty ticket! :(
On the other hand...how wonderful to hear that your gifted quilt brought so much comfort.....

Vivian said...

Love the photo of Uncle Tommy with his quilt. How quickly time passes. Didn't realize it's already been a couple years.
That ticket cost is ugly high! Hopefully McIrish Annie has some suggestions for you. Keep us posted.

Karendianne said...

Right off the top of my head is the last Ort. Being home all day I do a lot of "Darla the Doorhop" around here. I can imagine it would be a lot cleaner without that.

I just love the joy and healing in the quilt for Tommy. Just like you to give in that way, too. Glad you enjoyed all your company and darn that ticket.

Stephanie said...

Speeding tickets are less here in Ohio than a failure to stop in CA! Ugh. Tommy looks thrilled with his wonderful gift from the heart.

Kate said...

Yikes, that is painful. Contesting might be a consideration, unless you'll loose more in income by going to court than if you pay the ticket.

It's a nice feeling to have someone appreciate your work. Glad to hear that Tommy is cancer free and doing well.

Pokey said...

The photo with Tommy is nice, but for him to call later and restate how much comfort he received is like warm hugs all over again! How thoughtful of him to express it again to you.

Tickets in Ca = revenue for a almost bankrupt state, and it is ridiculous!
I have been there with a camera ticket, and the cost leaves you speechless ~

Candace said...

Congratulations to Tommy for being cancer-free! I'm sure being wrapped in a quilt made with love helped ;>)
Oh - and congrats on your new job! I know what you mean about a clean house when you're not there! Now that we're retired - it's a huge difference! Yikes - $490 for failure to stop is a crime! I paid $190 for my one and only speeding ticket ever about 3 years ago! Ouch!

Sarah said...

Lovely phone call from your uncle, and very pleased he is now well. Are your aunt and uncle not much older than yourself? Wow, traffic fine amount! That's ridiculous.

Tanya said...

How wonderful that your uncle is cancer free. I'm sure your warm quilt had a lot to do with the good feelings.

Uhu work said...
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