Monday, June 17, 2013

Design Wall Monday--June 17, 2013

On my design surface this Monday are some of the finished blocks for Aunt Reen's Place Jelly Roll  Sew Along. 

We'll find out on Wednesday what the layout is actually supposed to look like, but I played a bit with my completed blocks to see how the colors show.  Seems pretty busy looking at the moment but once all the blocks are made I think there will be more cohesion with the colors--lots more green and blue in the pile yet to be sewn.

I see a lot of color on my walks from the office and one plant has intrigued me for several months.  I have no idea what it is but always enjoy looking at it.
The fat blue-purple berries are very enticing, but the plant also has vicious thorns as well.  This stalk is about four feet or so tall, and the berries smaller than grapes.  Pretty weird, isn't it?

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Janet O. said...

I'm curious to se what your quilt will look like in the end.
That is a most interesting plant. I hope someone can identify it for you. I'd like to know what it is, too. : )

Stephanie said...

Your jelly roll project is rolling right along. :o) The colors look so pretty together. Why is it that the ever so beautiful rose also has wicked thorns?

Gloria said...

Could the plant be Pernettya prostrata?

However, the whole genus has been re-named/included in the Gaultheria family which includes winterberry/wintergreen.

There is one at the University of California Botanical Garden so you may be able to get a more certain identification by asking them.

Shay said...

Im hanging to see what the layout on this quilt is going to be too! You seem to be moving along quite nicely with those blocks.

Somewhere in the back of my fuzzy brain Im sure I've seen a plant like that before but not being even remotely a gardener Im going to be no use in helping you identify it !

Kate said...

The jelly roll blocks are looking good. Very pretty colors.