Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fiesta and Fair Sights

It was a very busy week, starting from moving DD Erica and her two cats back home on Sunday followed by a late dinner out with my brother and family, a frantic workweek, and attending Fiesta in Santa Barbara to see my husband play in his band on a big stage. 

Pretty nice gig!  My honey is there on the left playing rhythm guitar and singing classic rock n'roll.  There was lots of support from the crowd, singing along and moving to the music, as well as one very enthusiastic dancer:

This Sombrero dude was a regular wind-up monkey, and he got plenty of attention of his own for his vigorous moves, kicks, and near running in place.  Lots of people were taking videos, a few characters jumped in to dance along with Sombrero dude and high-five him at the end of a number.  After the show we enjoyed some Fiesta food and drink and headed home, another late night, but happy!

At the Ventura County Fair on Friday, Mom and I wandered through some of the competitive exhibits of a different type.

 I certainly couldn't resist a polka-dotted chicken!  

And look at this beautiful hen.  Stephanie got a photo of the rooster of this species at her Ohio State Fair visit, but the feathers are striking on both sexes, I think. 

In the Home Arts building at our fair the ceramics, carved items, knit, sewn, crocheted, painted, quilted, scrapbooked, baked, preserved, beaded, embroidered and any other type of handcraft you can think of are all there to enjoy.  I thought this vintage trailer cookie jar was hilarious.  I want it!

 Of the quilted items, this unique family tree I thought was especially striking.  

 A terrific combination of hand and machine quilting, raw edge quilting, hand embroidery, bold colors and prints.  Love it.

 The traditional side had its devotees as well.  Love the ribbon border.

 Modern funky trees and great free motion quilting won this entry a blue ribbon.

This gorgeous Oak Leaf and Reel quilt hanging from the ceiling was a beauty.  I think it was hand quilted.  Wish the lighting were better!

After a pleasant cruise of the Home Arts building and the professional artists exhibits, Mom and I had some fair food--since our fairgrounds are on the beach it seemed appropriate to seek out the fish taco truck.   I suppose other fairs must have palm trees but I found the underside of this one near the food area particularly pleasing, soaring 30-40 feet above the crowd.  A couple of special effects were added in Picasa.  

As we exited the Fairgrounds, the Mounted Sheriff's patrol was coming in.  One deputy saw me taking the photo and I caught his wave in the shot.  Don't you love the horses' reflective ankle bands?  DH and I will make another trip to the fair together next week--there is lots more to see and do! But tomorrow I'll be at the Long Beach Quilt Festival, again with Mom, for its final appearance at the Convention Center before moving to Portland next year. 


Kate said...

Very unusual hens, I love the wing patterns. Looks like you had a great time. Enjoy the quilt show.

Darlene said...

A very busy week for you and yours. Whew!

Quilter Kathy said...

AMazing photos! Love the palm tree (I've never seen a real one!) and imagine that the sheriff still rides around on a horse! SO fun! This would be sensory overload for me!

ytsmom said...

I am impressed with the quantity and quality of exhibits. The Nebraska State Fair starts in 19 days, and I can't wait. Great quilts, food, and fun!!

Lorraine said...

All the fun of the Fair...and ribbons to boot! What a busy week....which looks like a huge amount of fun!

Shay said...

Looks like a good time...lots to see and do . County fairs here tend to be rather small affairs.

Those chickens are too cute !

carol fun said...

The fair looks like it was a lot of fun. I love that chicken. It does look polka dot- LOL! If I could keep chickens I would definitely get one like that. Too bad I live in the city - oh well. Maybe someday I'll have real chickens. Have a great week.

Stephanie said...

What a weekend...a fair and a fiesta! Aren't those chickens the best? I'm dying for a fish taco. My daughter introduced me to taco trucks. YUM!