Wednesday, August 7, 2013

International Quilt Festival 2013

Another whirlwind busy weekend and start to the workweek--although Mom and I went to the IQF in Long Beach on Sunday, this is my first chance to sit down at the PC and upload photos to share.  This is the last year for the show to be in Long Beach--only 1.5 hours from home--versus next year a few hours by plane to Portland, Oregon--where the theme will expand to include crochet, knitting, and other fiber arts. Mom and I spent most of our time in the quilt exhibits rather than the vendors.  Note:  All photos were taken at the International Quilt Festival 2013.

 This was one of my favorite pieced quilts.  I just love those swirly blocks surrounding the feathered star.

 All of which were a grand mix of Civil War repro fabrics.  Yummy!

 Artist credit.

 The overwhelming impact of a single shape repeated in an extra large way!

 More great prints and colors all mixed together.  Love it!

 Artist credit. 

 There were many many fine applique quilts.  I really liked this one for its whimsy and primitive flavor.

 Gotta love a bright blue elephant. 

Same artist as above.  I like that she included how long it took her :)

 Mom asked me to get a photo of this quilt.  I liked it too! Probably about 50" square.

 Very inventive and lots of fun to explore all the detail. 

 Artist credit.

More pics on another post--it is getting late and I've had too many of those nights recently!  Goodnight.


loulee said...

Thanks for sharing Annie. I won't be attending the Birmingham quilt festival this year, so I'm trawling blogs looking at everyone elses images from all the festivals.
Like you I love the swirly blocks and those lizards are cute.
Thanks again for sharing.

Stephanie said...

Amazing works of art. I love feathered stars. I took a class and never finished. :o)

Janet O. said...

Incredible quilts! I am blown away by the quilting on Bird of Paradise. She talks about it taking a year because of the heavy quilting--that would have taken me ten years!!

Darlene said...

Seriously incredible quilts. Wow!

Shay said...

The sunburst quilt is very impressive ! I wonder how long that took to complete.

I love the look of appliqué quilts and that one is a beauty.

The quilt with the lizards has a bit of an Aussie flavour about it to me.

Kate said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts with amazing workmanship. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a chance to rest up this weekend.