Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quiltfull Weekend

Among the events of the week, some stitching was accomplished, mostly because my sister Kathy insisted on helping.  All the remaining blocks to the wedding quilt were sewn into rows.  While I was doing that job, Kathy basted some quilt sandwiches and cut some binding on another project for me.  I like having an assistant--especially one who cooks.  Grant and I were greeted home from work one night with freshly made, totally fantastic BLTs on grilled sourdough.  Oh, yum! 

Saturday afternoon Kathy and I went to a local quilt guild show.  The Conejo Valley Quilters hold their event at Cal Lutheran University, a clean, bright, well lit space.  Here are a few of the many creative results of their work.

 Here's a version of the cover quilt from Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket Sensations book.  My version is still just a top but I liked this essentially two color variation. 

 Pretty fun chooks made from animal prints.  The snakeskin one kills me.

 Lots of yellows and bright colored prints.  What a happy quilt.

 I think I read this one was a block of the month quilt.  It is just beautiful. I loved the big splashy print around the feathered star center.

This easy star border gives me a great idea for the future.  I love how they "dance" back and forth, just by using that spacer strip and alternating which way the block is turned.  So simple and effective.

 Here's another clever idea, using a decorative stitch for simple appliqued leaves.  I don't have the skills to do good stems but with this technique, a stem wouldn't be needed.  There's an unfinished quilt top in my closet that needs this kind of treatment to really make it shine.

 This sampler type quilt was made cohesive by the rich medium and dark toned fabrics.  I'm not usually a fan of samplers but this one I liked. 

My sister asked me to take a pic of this tomato quilt.  It was only about 18-20" square but really fun and free form.  Plus it echoed a recipe Kathy was already planning to make.  On the way home we stopped at a roadside stand so she could get some fresh tomatoes that pretty much matched this quilt. Today she prepared the Martha Stewart magazine recipe to a T.

 Simple Cibatta bread lightly seasoned and grilled and some amazingly tasty tomatoes.  It was hard to stop at two pieces so that we all got a snack! 


Stephanie said...

Love the chickens! Fun. Gorgeous tomatoes -- fabric and real. I have that recipe earmarked. I should make is since my countertop overfloweth with fresh picked tomatoes.

Quilt Hollow said...

Fun to see through your camera lens.

Janet O. said...

Some really great ideas in the quilts you shared. I think I may use one I see to finish a UFO someday.
Does Kathy hire out? : )

Shay said...

Send Kathy my way if she gets bored...she can have a holiday AND help me clear my WIP list.

Some lovely quilts on display at the quilt show. The tomato quilt borders on genius in terms of execution. I really like the concept!

Kate said...

It's always a plus to come away from a quilt show with a bunch of new ideas. Those are some gorgeous quilts.