Sunday, January 5, 2014

Still Life and Snowman

New Year's Day was a marathon of putting away all the Christmas Decorations--I decorate only my downstairs living areas, but that includes living/dining room, kitchen, fireplace mantle in the sewing room, open stairwell, hallway, and the powder room.  I think I'm up to seven or eight boxes of Christmas decorations, not including tree lights, house lights, and wreaths.  That's a lot of organizing.  There is still a pile of linens and quilts on a chair that haven't made it upstairs yet...

I wanted to share a last couple of Christmas decor photos--my sister Kathy made these fun gingerbread houses and tree using a downloaded template from Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  She mostly free-form scored the house detail, but also used textured fun foam and added some details not included in the original design.  Smearing powdered sugar brought out the details.  Sugar in the glass vessel holds them upright.  I'm leaving these out for a little longer as I think they go with the bears and pine cones I put out for January decorating. 

The mini quilts I have slowly been making for my 12" quilt stand include this Christmas tree.  I did not make the beautiful paper-pieced block, it was from a swap some years ago from an online group I belonged to.  Some simple borders, stitch and turn finishing and a tube hanger made it quick and easy.  I believe my count of minis is about six but I'd like to make more from orphan blocks to switch out through the year. 

Pretty terrible meandering but it holds the mini quilt together!  The snowman finally got finished last night, again with a simple stitch and turn method and tube hanger.

I did only a quick stash search for black buttons and these may be a little big.  And maybe too close together!  He's looking over two silly black bears on ice--gifts from a friend.

Pattern from Quilts & More magazine, Winter 2013

Minimal quilting again, just going around the snowflakes and the snowman, as well as the center background square.  I'm going to enjoy seeing Mr. Snowman all month :)   My sympathies to all of you suffering from the Arctic freeze and early winter misery.  Hope it eases up soon.


Vivian said...

I like your winter/January decorating. The two mini quilts for the 12" stand are sweet as can be. Thanks for the kind thoughts about us chilly Midwest folks. We're venturing outside only if absolutely necessary. It's this kind of weather that makes us think we maybe should rethink where we're living.

Janet O. said...

Oh, that snowman quilt turned out so cute. His eyes looks fine to me!
I love the bears for January decorating. Never seen that before, but it such a cute, and unique idea!

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Shay said...

Thats what I need to do for this year ...Gingerbreads houses that dont need construction . Genius!

Mr. Snowman is utterly gorgeous Annie. And snow is an appropriate theme for much of the US at the moment !

Kate said...

I used to decorate the whole bottom floor, but these days I do good to get the tree up.

Mr. Snowman looks good. I like his big black eyes!

Sarah said...

I'd like an arctic freeze right about now! We're experiencing a heat wave in South Australia,four days above 40*C, 104F. Like the MidWest commenter said above, we only venture outside when absolutely necessary and not for long!