Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!
We had a very busy weekend, hosting two parties at our house.  The first was a retirement party on Saturday for DH Grant's coworker.  A couple of months ago Grant asked me if it would be okay if they held the party here and I said "sure", without knowing the final date.  Then when it turned out to be the day before our annual Mother's Day brunch, that seemed a bit much!  It all worked out, in the end, as we did a lot of cleanup and setup for the retirement party that carried over for today. It was a nice afternoon party of about 30 people on Saturday and we gave his coworker a good sendoff.  

Today we feasted on creme brulee french toast and strawberry scones my sister made, some wonderful coffee cake my son-in-law's mother made, delicious fresh berries my mom brought, and omelet muffins, bacon, sausage, and waffles we fixed here, for 14. 

I requested a four generation photo for my side of the family: My mom, my daughter Elaine with her son, Cove (10 weeks), and me.  It was difficult, but I did get some Cove snuggle time amid all the family members who wanted turns holding him too!  He was very good while being passed around to everyone.

Since this weekend was about mothers, here's a pic of my coworker and her impending daughter, after the lunch hour baby shower on her last day. The quilt was a big hit and she loved all the pink.  She's very petite, only 4'11", and that baby girl sticks out far!  She had to go on maternity leave a week earlier than planned due to some elevated blood pressure.  My prediction is May 30th, the day before her due date.  We'll await word in the next several weeks.


Stephanie said...

Your mom is so youthful looking she could be a sister! :o) Love the generation photo. My niece just had a boy (her 3rd baby). I can't wait to meet him next month. I can imagine how well love the gifted quilt will be.

Janet O. said...

You had a big weekend, Annie. Come to think of it, mine was similar. My sister and I hosted a wedding shower for a niece the day before Mother's Day (when we set the date we hadn't realized that either). Then Sunday I had 12 for dinner.
But your crowds sound a bit bigger.
I love the idea of a brunch menu on Mother's Day. Due to conflicting church schedules for all involved, we would still have to have it in the evening, but I think it sounds good.
Did you have yours outdoors? How nice that you have pleasant weather for that event!
Looks like your baby quilt was well-received (and just in time!!). : )

Vivian said...

It sounds like you had a busy, enjoyable, memorable weekend for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing the photos, the menu, and the details of your busy days.
That food would have satisfied everyone. I'm picturing an elegant brunch with a host of smiling faces.

Shay said...

Wow ! What a full on weekend Annie. Bet you were glad for Monday to start so you could go back to work for a rest!

Mary said...

I love multigenerational photos! They are always the ones most treasured.

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a busy Mother's Day weekend.

Sarah said...

I agree with Stephanie. Your Mum is young and fit looking! You are the image of her, too! Cove is a really loooong baby. My boys were like that. I never got to have a big chubby baby. They just kept getting longer, with skinny legs that dangled down! Sounds like a great Mother's Day.