Thursday, May 15, 2014

Too Hot To Sew

But not too hot too cut!  The parties we had last weekend meant I had to clean up my sewing room so we could stage it for food buffets. I deliberately sorted and stacked and reorganized. Along the way, I came across some gifted UFOs.  Since it has been way to hot to sew, trimming blocks to size was the next best way to play with fabric. 
These are raw edge bullseye blocks. Luckily the former owner of the blocks included a note that these were to be trimmed to 9". I used my turntable for that. 
Lots of yummy tans, blues, plaids, some reds and greens. Then I started cutting them in quarters. I knew I wanted an alternate layout, since diagonal settings are a favorite. 
Liking it already!  There are only 29 blocks, but the giver included a couple of extra background pieces so I can make more. I could also add borders, of course. 
Hope you're staying cool, wherever you are!  Today should be the last scorcher of the week. Yesterday when I left work for my walk to the bus, it was 94 degrees at 4:15 in Santa Barbara. Yuck. Today the high is supposed to be 88. We shall see!


Patrica said...

The bulls eye blocks look great cut and turned you have a great eye for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary! Wow that's hot for SB and it's even hot here in the mountains, I fear it will be a scorcher summer, sigh*

Shay said...

Genious to cut those blocks. The layout is so much more interesting!

It's real quilting weather here - cool and slightly overcast (but so far this week no rain ) Sadly my mojo seems to have wandered off !

Joyful Quilter said...

It's 7:15 and 93 degrees...I'm not going to be a happy camper this summer. Do the bullseye blocks have a raw edge? I really like would be fun playing with different layouts although I really like your diagonal setting.

Janet O. said...

I've been hearing all about your heat on our news. I've wondered how you were surviving!
Looks like some fun play going on at your place! : )

Quilt Hollow said...

Nice! Enjoy!

Kate said...

Fun, fun project. Hope it finally cooled off so you could back to stitching.