Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Meaning, Thank Goodness That's Over. 
The bed skirt beast was tamed, finally, late last night. Here's what it looked like as I stitched the last side. Followed by more measuring (MATH), ironing, trimming, and hemming. 

But even if I do say so myself, didn't the corner pleats come out nicely?  My daughter and her husband didn't want pleats along the sides, so I needed to hide the joins somewhere in the pleat. 
Ha!  Got it done. I did save myself a bunch of time by using the finished edges of the sheet set for the skirt part. 

The couple were very grateful. They promised not to change their color scheme  quite awhile :)


Lorraine said...

well done! Not sure this is something that I would have attempted!

Janet O. said...

What a relief to have that done. : )

Stephanie said...

Well done! I've never made a bed skirt. Clever and time saving to use the sheet edge. What's next?

carol fun said...

Good job - wrestling with all the fabric is a workout. This is one of those projects where I'm glad I know how to do it but I can't wait to get it over.

Shay said...

Whooo Hoooo - congratulations on that finish. TGTO indeed!

Kate said...

Well done! It looks great. Hopefully you will be spared any other math intensive projects for a while.