Monday, July 28, 2014

Catching Up--Fair Entries

There seems to be a large lag once again between posts--ah, well.  Can I blame it on the heat and humidity?  Well, there has been a lot going on.  Let's see, I finished the quilt for my sister in law in time for entering it in the County Fair.  All together I have four quilted items entered.  Here's Laura's quilt--it needs a label when I get it back.

The loop quilting was simple to do despite multiple thread changes to match the ombre colors,and filling bobbins repeatedly mid row when I underestimated how much was needed.  I did have a bunch of thread tails to fix at the end.

The back of the quilt is this length of hand-painted batik from my sister Kathy's stash. She says I always pick her most expensive fabrics, lol.   I used the same neutral batik as in the squares on the front for the frame. 

Closeup of the quilting, binding and the batiks.  My sister in law was thrilled with the quilt in photos, as they went home to AZ before I got it quilted and she only saw the flimsy.  When I told the lady handling my entries that I quilted it in one day she said, "You did not!"  I assured her that I did :)   My other entries were a tablerunner, a mini quilt, and my Picnic quilt, all of which I've shown before, but here's a recap:

Sandy Gervais prints and some triple step zig zag quilting on the tablerunner. 

Snowman mini---12".  Adapted from a pillow pattern in the December 2013 Quilts and More mag.

Picnic quilt--Kim Brackett design, Scrap Basket Sensations.  This one was professionally and beautifully quilted by Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow.  One quilted item didn't get finished which I wanted to enter, but I'm still working on it. That's the Pink Lemonade quilt from Humble Quilts' doll quiltalong. 

The colors are a bit bright in this photo but I'm using a hand-dyed Valdani Perle cotton to big stitch an echo of the churn dashes in the plain squares.

I'm taking it with me to work and getting some stitches in during lunch break.  I could enter it in the fair next year, ha ha, but will soon find out how I did this year--the Fair opens on Wednesday.

Of course there has to be a grandson Cove picture too.  He's just turned five months old and is spending a lot of time jumping in his jumperoo---and also anytime he's on a lap--as well as getting on his hands and knees and rocking.  That boy is on the move always.  His parents need to lower his mattress in the crib, he'll be pulling himself up before they know it.

Cove is here trying out some shoes. Cutest.Baby.Ever.  This pic makes him look a lot older than he really is, I think!  Mimi is filling in for the day care provider on Wednesday and is looking forward to it :)  More catching up, soon...


Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that little man - he looks so grown up for five months! Wonderful quilts for the fair! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Cove is darling and LOVE the shoes! Looks like an early walker to me. :o) Best of luck with your quilt entries. Loving the loop quilt design and rbig stitch hand project looks like a winner for next year.

Quilter Kathy said...

Baby Cove doesn't look like a baby anymore... he looks like a little boy in that photo!
Can't wait to hear how you did at the fair... hoping for a few ribbons for you!

Janet O. said...

Good luck on your fair entries! I can't believe you did the one in a day, either!
Oh, that little guy looks like a charmer! : )

Kate said...

Good luck with your fair entries.

Cove gets cuter every time I see him. Enjoy your Mimi time!

Joyful Quilter said...

I see some ribbons in your near future! All of your quilts are fantastic.

carol fun said...

Love all your entries for the fair - that Picnic quilt is one of my favs! and Cove is ADORABLE! Have fun with him on Wed

Mary said...

You SIL's quilt turned out beautifully and the quilting motif is perfect for it. I how you had fun at the fair!